February Magazines 89123 - Page 62

02 February 2.1-3.8 – Memoir Writing Series Paseo Verde Library, 280 S. Green Valley Pkwy. Local author and oral historian Barbara Tabach leads this series in which participants can learn how to collect, organize and engage with material in order to document a personal story. Meetings are on Thursdays. Register at www.hendersonlibraries.com. 2.2 – First Friday Downtown Las Vegas Arts District in Downtown Las Vegas, Casino Center Blvd. Bring the entire family to enjoy thematic art exhibits, music, food and excellent people watching at this highly popular monthly event in Downtown Las Vegas. Visit www.firstfridaylasvegas.com for more information. 2.3 – Ladysmith Black Mambazo Sammy Davis Jr. Festival Plaza, 720 Twin Lakes Dr. South Africa’s four-time Grammy Award-winning group, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, has been warming hearts of audiences worldwide with their uplifting vocal harmonies, signature dance moves and charming onstage ban- ter. Visit www.lasvegasnevada.gov for info. 2.5 – Mondays Dark Benefitting St. Jude’s Ranch for Children The Space, 3460 Cavaretta Ct. Join St. Jude’s Ranch for Children for an exciting night of eclectic entertainment with Mark Shunock. Show ben- efits the ranch’s programs for thousands of abused and neglected children in Nevada. Visit www.stjudesranch.org for info. 2.8-11 – 14th Annual Dam Short Film Festival Boulder Theatre, 1225 Arizona St., Boulder City This highly popular film festival returns, bringing together filmmakers and film fans from all over the world to experience over 100 short films, parties, discussions and events in an outstanding venue. Visit www.damshortfilm.org for schedule. 2.9 – AJ Lambert The Space, 3460 Cavaretta Court 2.1-28 – 7th Annual Granddaughter of Frank Sinatra and daughter of Nancy, AJ Lambert’s style and interpretations of Dog Bed & Blanket Drive both standards and modern music alike is truly her own. Visit www.thespacelv.com for tickets. 4141 Swenson St.; 3150 N. Tenaya 2.10 – From Hawaii with Love Way, Ste. 350 and 1201 Nevada State Dr. Heritage Park Senior Facility Library, 300 S. Racetrack Rd. All Nathan Adelson Hospice locations, as Get transported to Hawaii while enjoying live cultural performances, demonstrations and well as the Mountain View Medical Office hands-on activities from the islands. Register at www.hendersonlibraries.com. Building, will serve as drop off points for new 2.10 – Best Damn Wine Walk Boulder City; Check in at Gr XH\X[XY[^B܈[H\Y][\[Y[[]H]XZ[Y]وX]]Y[[\]K[]ݙ\ X\\[H[Y[][\[[™[H\H\]^\ˈ[[HXYX\X]\H\[۝8&\[YH\8'[H]8'K[[[Y][\ܝوB\]˘[\]X[X\٘[Y\KH܈[˂Xx&\]\\Hܘ[KL8$[K[ \]˛Z ܙ܈[˂۝ۈ۝Z[\\•H۝ۈ۝Z[\\Xٙ] N\و[۝H[YY[H[]B'ݙHHSH[x&\H]8'H[H\[ˈ[H[[Z]Y[H\[^ܙHHܘXB]H[]YH]H[\Z[Y[][\ۙ^H܈Y[ˈ\]˙۝ۘ۝Z[\\˘B܈[˂L8$[\[ۚX\[[H[Y^[[HZ][\ ͌H[\۞H\]Kۘ]X\HۙX\Y\\Y[[[ۙY\\ZXY[ܚx&\[[[\YH[KBY\[HY\ۙX[X[&\[[ۘ\[Z[܎[Y]ݙ[&\[\۞Hˈ [BXZ܋\L[]˛[ ܙ˂L LLH8$ [X[Y\]^•ܛX\][\][[ۋ Hˈܘ[[[K[[\]][H\[[ZX^][Y\]H[[ۜ][ۜ]X]^\[ܜو[[]Y[ۜ[]X[ܙK\]˝Y\]^˘H܈[˂L  M  H 8$SX[\][X\ XX[\ L HˈX\[[BY\ۈH[[&HX[\^H]H\ZHۈ[Z[ L KZ\ܘH M K\ۛ]H JB[]YK[ K\]˝[X[˘H܈X][[˂LH8$X\Hܘ\X\]Y\YH[X\]ۋ L R‘\]Y\X[\ L \]Y\X[[Hܚ\[ܛ[[\[X]]Y[[\H\[H]\HH]\[[Z[Z[ X\[\X\Hܘ\]\H܈H[H[H^H[H[YH۝\ \]˘ܝ[KX\Yܘ\X\]Y\BYHY\\LKL8$Y\[ۚY^B S[ؚ[H\[K ˈ\Y\ HY\[ۚYX[HZ\HXH[X[ۋ\XYX]\YZ[H[Y[XHY\Š LJKXYX] LKY[۝ۈ[\ MJK[۝X[[YX[ MK[ZZ[HX NJK[\H[Y\ JK[]\[X H[[[\[ K\]˛ H܈Y[B[X]˂