February Magazines 89123 - Page 61

A Step Above 2018 Katherine Dimaya Silverado High School senior Katherine Dimaya wouldn’t define her success by any one accomplish- ment, but rather, the culmination of many small victories. Her incremental wins have covered a broad spectrum of action and locales, from the athletic field to the classroom to personal enrichment endeav- ors. No matter the activity, it’s clear that she takes pride in all that she does, believing firmly in the mantra that “if it’s not my best work, it’s not good enough for me.” With an optimistic ideology and a desire to continually improve, she’s charting a course to a triumphant future that includes using her strengths to better the lives of others, and for that, Kathrine Dimaya is– A Step Above. G.P.A.: 4.79 Sports: • Junior Varsity Softball, 2014-2015 • Junior Varsity Volleyball, 2015-2016 • Junior Varsity Flag Football, 2015-2016 • Varsity Cross Country, 2014-2015 • Varsity Softball, 2015-2016 • Varsity Flag Football, 2016-2018 • Varsity Golf, 2016-2018; Captain • Varsity Track, 2016-2017 • Advanced Performance Guitar, 2014-2015 • Class Committee, 2016-Present • Engineering Club, 2017-Present • Varsity Quiz, 2017-Present • Red Cross Club, 2017-Present • Level 17 Pokémon-Go Trainer Awards/Community Service: • Salutatorian Candidate • Academic Letter Recipient, 2014-2017 • College Board AP Scholar Award, 2017 • Nevada All-State Academic Team, 2017-2018 • Wendy’s Heisman Athletic School Winner, 2017-2018 • Varsity Golf MVP, 2016-2018 • Varsity Flag Football Offensive MVP, 2015-2017 • Three Square, 2013-Present • Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation, 2015-Present What are your goals and aspirations, for now and the future? “After graduating I plan on attending University of Nevada Reno to major in nursing. Eventually, I would like to join the Peace Corps to extend my practice to those who were not given similar medical privilege. I aspire to be courageous enough to travel to unfamiliar places in order to help those in need and to be as selfless in my work as those who have come before me.” How do you stay focused on school and all your other activities? “There are a lot of distractions and obstacles that lead students astray in school. I pride myself on staying on track and remembering what my academic and athletic goals are, even in tempting situations.” What makes you successful? “My intrinsic motivation has always been my key to success. While my parents still push me to always do my best, an inner desire to overcome adversity and to flourish both in and out of the classroom has always driven me.” February/March 2018 Cyber bullying is a big topic right now. What role can you play in solving this problem? “The internet is still a fairly new concept for our culture, and the general guidelines are foggy when it comes to staying safe and avoiding cyber bullying. As a young adult, I can help contribute to the solution by practicing safe online procedures and treating any possibly offensive interaction online just as I would a physical interaction.” 61