February Magazines 89074 - Page 61

A Step Above 2018 Bailey Goto Coronado High School senior Bailey Goto is inclined to take life’s lessons to heart. A bit of wisdom he’s gar- nered is this: “There is no one true thing in your life that is permanent except yourself and your attitude.” It’s an impression that has kept his momentum moving forward, even amidst sometimes painful change and the challenges it brings. To get through, he relies on his ability to stay calm, cool and collected under pres- sure, and focus his full mental and physical ability on whatever task is at hand. His can-do approach is evi- dent in his many accomplishments, yet his resolve to be a kind and thoughtful human being is what truly makes Bailey Goto– A Step Above. G.P.A.: 4.8 Sports/Activities/Clubs: • Freshman Football, 2014-2015 • JV Lacrosse, 2014-2015 • Cougars Varsity Lacrosse, 2017-Present; Captain, 2015-2017 • Movin’ Up Lacrosse Fall and Summer Travel Teams, 2014-Present • Boy Band Performance Group Member, 2014-Present • ACT Tutor, 2017 • Student Council, 2014-Present; Freshman Class Vice President, 2014-2015; Student Body Vice President, 2017-Present • National Honor Society Member, 2016-Present • Key Club, 2014-2016 • Ukulele Club, 2015-Present; Treasurer, 2015-2016; Vice President, 2016-2017; President, 2017-Present Scholarships/Awards/Community Service: • The American Legion Student Award, 2014 • Governor Miller Academic Scholarship, 2014 • Coronado AP Academy, 2014-Present • Nevada All-State Academic Team, 2015-2016 • State of Nevada Office of Governor Brian Sandoval Certificate of Recognition, 2016 • 1st Place–Japanese Speech Contest Heritage Level, 2016 • Southern Nevada Lacrosse Association State Champions, 2016; Association Champions, 2017 • Leadership Recognition, 2015-2017 • CHS Student of the Month–AP U.S. History, 2017 • Homecoming Royalty Court, 2014, 2016 & 2017 • U.S. Lacrosse Nevada All-State Academic Award, 2017 • Nevada State Seal of Biliteracy Award Candidate, 2017 • AP International Diploma Candidate, 2017 • National AP Scholar Candidate, 2017 • Valedictorian Candidate • Community Service: Three Square Food Bank, Susan G. Komen Foundation, Spread the Word Nevada, BoulderBoats, Crazy Spokes Why does being a therapist appeal to you? “I have always loved interacting with new people and creating long-lasting bonds, but I especially love the feeling of being appreciated by others when I talk to them about topics that reach further than the surface. I strive to be a voice of reason as well as a helping hand to those who need words of encouragement.” How has student council enriched your high school experience? “During the summer between middle and high school, I began to drift away from my friends. When I joined student council, all the members made me feel welcome and appreciated, and they instilled upon me a purpose for being myself. I met my current best friend and formed many other tight bonds, as well. Through student council, I was able to dis- cover my core values and passions, and I am forever thankful for the opportunity.” February/March 2018 Tell us about your Thanksgiving project at a Title-1 Middle School. “Student council, as well as the cheer and dance team, donated food for a Thanksgiving meal to the students at Von Tobel. We even sat down and ate with them in the cafeteria. Hearing the kinds of conditions these young children live under truly broke my heart, but from this experience, I felt genuine warmth radiate from these kids. I reflected upon the count- less blessings I have in my life. This Thanksgiving was one of true gratitude and appreciation, and these kids’ stories will forever remain a part of me.” 61