February Magazines 89074 - Page 22

The Must Do List EDITOR’S PICKS February 24 15th Annual Walk with the Heart of a Child One day. One community. One celebration. That’s the Annual Walk with the Heart of a Child event, in a nutshell. The fun­filled 3K walk, raf­ fle and Kids Zone at Fashion Show Mall (3200 S. Las Vegas Blvd.) is all about uniting Las Vegas in hope. Participants come together to honor children who are survivors, pay tribute to the lives lost to congenital heart defects, and raise money to fight it. This and all the Children’s Heart Foundation’s fundraising efforts help the organization provide invaluable services to medically fragile children, from fun summe [\˜[[Z[HXۚX[[[ۘ[[[[X[\ܝ Y\\܈H[܈X\[ܙHX]\]˘ܙ܈[˂X\H L]YY[YBX\]Y]KHYH\[H]YHH\X[ܛ ]YY[YHX\] [\YX\]Hۙ\[B[\و\Y\ NL\]YH K[H] H][[\[\[HX\][ܙH[ [ܜ[[[\^Hو[XYHBXHXYۘYH[YH0X܈XX[B[[X\ܚY\\\\[\H0BX[[ܙK[ܘYY[]K]HZ\\[H\ۈ[X[Xx&\]\HH[[قXX[H[XY[ܜ^XY][ ܈[HVpY\]\K]YY[YH\[HܘYYۈX\X]\[ []X]^\YY[YHZpZYHܘYYH[X]BY\ܘY\[^H[\[KX]]Z[XH]˝\]YY[Y[X\] KXX\KX\ NXX\B LLBM[X[[Hܝ[H\][HX]]Y[H\ܙY[\X]H LH\^ۘH [\]JHXZ\HYX[][܈[HY]\]\YH[\[H\][ H\][ ]Yx&\\\ ]\[YH[Z\B[HٙZ\ܙX][ۜ[Z\ܚY\[H^H^H[[[K[YH܈ݙ]Y]\ˈH\[ݙ\ Lܝ[\™H]\H[H\[Y[ [X]Xܘ[Hˈ[BܙY[\\Y\[\ZH[[[YY] [YܙY]\Y\[]\[H[[HX\] X\[ܙH]˙[\ܝ[Kܙ˂XX\BL LLB[X[Y\]^[[\]][HܛX\][\][[ۈ Hˈܘ[[[KH^K X\[X^XH][YH]\[YYY[]\[[KBX^ˈHY^H][\]\][] \[]Y[\H[[Y[ۜو^X]ܜ]H]\[ܙX]\] BX]H[[]X]^\\[YX[][ۜ[\Z[Y[[]X[ܙK[x&[[HXH\HX]]\K[Y\\KܛZ[]Z][܈[Z[[Y\[YY˜[[H\YY ]ZۛXX]Y[YK\]˝Y\]^˘H܈[˂X\]8&]Y\\][H]YHܘY]\\X][ۂ[]\[وY\[HH[\ۈ][^B ˈ]\ H܈[Y\ۈو\ۛZX[YˈY\[]HHܝ[]H\HHYH[X[ۈوY\Hݙ\ ق]Yx&\[\]\Y\[ܘXX]HHܚ[\\YH[H[ܜˈH[\][][\H[&]H\]H] B]H][وܛH[Y\\[]YYZHYKY˜\H[YK]]]H]\ۙH] \]˙][]KB܈X]