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A Step Above 2018 Nolan Phan In a world where people are often encouraged to act normal and fit in, Coronado High School senior Nolan Phan chooses to go a different route. Sometimes described as eccentric or quirky, he capitalizes on his non-conformist traits and relishes in self-acceptance and individuality. Standing at the top of his class while simultaneously heading up several committees and leadership positions, he has undoubtedly dis- tinguished himself from his peers. And it appears he’s just getting started. With goals of securing dual MBA-JD degrees and maybe even one day taking calls in the oval office, he’s a go big or go home kind of guy. Charismatic, tenacious and full of heart, Nolan Phan is– A Step Above. G.P.A.: 4.774 Sports/Clubs: • JV Soccer, 2014 • Players Soccer Club, 2014-2015 • JV Volleyball, 2016; B Team, 2015 • Vegas Volleyball Club Regional Team 16-White, 2015-2016 • Student Council, 2014-Present; Community Service Committee Head, 2016; Student/Staff Recognition Committee Head, 2017; Student Generated Funds Board Member, 2017-Present • Freshman Class Treasurer, 2014-2015 • Sophomore Class Representative, 2015-2016 • Junior Class Treasurer, 2016-2017 • Student Body Treasurer, 2017-Present • Nevada Association of Student Councils (NASC) State Board Candidate, 2017; Midlevel Conference Junior Counselor, 2016 • AP Academy, 2014-Present • National Honor Society, 2017-Present • Mu Alpha Theta, 2015-2017 • Board Game Club, 2015-2017; Treasurer, 2015-2016 • Philosophy Club, 2015-2017 • Unicycle Club, 2015-Present; Club Treasurer, 2016-2017 • DECA, 2017-Present • National Society of High School Scholars, 2016-Present Awards/Community Service: • Varsity Quiz State Champion, 2016 • Varsity Quiz State Runner-Up, 2017 • AP Scholar with Distinction, 2017 • Student Elect Member to the School Organizational Team, 2017-2018 • Unsung Hero, 2016 • Salvation Army, 2016 • Three Square Food Bank, 2017 What was your proudest accomplishment as Community Service Committee Head? “My committee put together five major community service events that raised over 600 pairs of socks for homeless teens, over 3000 PB & J sandwiches for the Salvation Army, 55 turkey dinners and over 500 canned goods and products for families in need, and holiday gift packages for 54 children, all within a 2-month span. I was proud of how much my committee accomplished within the time frame and how much of a positive impact we had on the local community.” Tell us a little about your parents’ unusual story and how it’s framed your life. “They came to the U.S. as refugees from the Vietnam War with nothing and had to grow up in a country–going from state to state where people could sponsor them–where they didn’t know the culture or the language. They worked tirelessly for years to get to where they are today and are a model for the values and traits I want to exemplify in myself. Their work ethic and drive inspire me to improve myself every day.” February/March 2018 What quality do you rely on most when the going gets tough? “Throughout my life, I have experienced a plethora of failures. Instead of letting these failures define me, I treat them as temporary setbacks and get back up time after time to try again. My resilience to continually push forward when times get hard is what I feel has allowed me to accomplish everything that I have and is what has shaped me into the per- son I am today.” 61