February Magazines 89014 - Page 12

Letter from the Editor With the arrival of 2018, we say goodbye to 2017, officially marking its departure and welcoming what transpired as a part of history. And history was certainly made, both good and evil. For the sports fan, there couldn’t have been a better outcome. For the first time we now have a major professional NHL franchise to call our own. The Vegas Golden Knights took our city by storm, playing their first game October 10th to a sold out crowd, adding excitement that can only be found on the ice. At the time I’m writing this letter they also happen to be the #1 team in the NHL, which is tremendous for our city. We also welcomed the NFL to our town, procuring the Las Vegas Raiders as our future football home team. As a Chiefs fan, that hurts a little, but I’m still excited to see all the buzz, as well as the encouraging effects for our economy. Other positives saw a brisk return of a stellar real estate market, passenger numbers at McCarran reaching an all time high, and an excellent outlook for both the local and national economies. We did have our challenges in 2017 as well, both nationally and on the local level. Yet despite the turmoil many felt this past year, we start 2018 like every year: with a clean slate. That’s what makes the beginning of the year so special. No one knows what 2018 will bring, but we do know that we are all in control of our own destiny. We saw this year what a strong community Las Vegas is, and my hope is that this community spirit continues to grow in 2018. From everyone here at the Zip Code Magazines, I want to thank you for supporting our magazines and supporting our advertisers. They are what makes the magazines possible. We also want to wish you and your family a very Happy New Year and a safe and prosperous 2018. See you in the neighborhood. Greg GREG WAGONSELLER Editor-in-Chief greg@ppplv.com