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A Step Above 2018 Amanda Carducci For some people, self-doubt is a most formidable barrier to living a life of their choosing. For Foothill High School senior Amanda Carducci, it’s merely a bump in the road to glory; a motivat- ing force that compels her to do better, be better, every single day. She’s pushed herself hard as an athlete and a student, overcoming both physical and mental challenges that threatened to halt her progress. Calling on a strong sense of personal pride, she has flown in the face of criticism, ignored the naysayers, and proven she’s a worthy adversary and a valuable team player. For having the courage to believe in herself, never backing down, and always showing up, Amanda Carducci is– A Step Above. G.P.A.: 3.80 Sports/Awards: • Club Soccer, 2008-Present • Varsity Basketball, 2014-2017 • Varsity Soccer, 2016-2017 • Varsity Track and Field, 2016 • Varsity Flag Football, 2017-Present • Advanced Honors Diploma Candidate • First All Team High School Soccer, 2016 • Superior Yearbook Award–Track Spread, 2017 • Excellent Yearbook Award–Girls’ Basketball Spread, 2017 • Shade Tree Shelter Volunteer, 2016 What are your goals and aspirations, for now and the future? “My biggest goal this year is to stay on track and graduate with an Advanced Honors diploma at the end of the year. After graduation I hope to continue my education to become an ICU pediatric nurse.” Why do you want to be a pediatric nurse? “I want to become a pediatric nurse because I absolutely enjoy helping and dealing with children. I have always loved kids and have a heart for helping oth- ers, so I think pediatric nursing will be a great fit for me.” Who is someone you look up to and why? “I proudly look up to my mom, Liz, because she is an awesome mother who always puts her kids first. Her acts of selflessness and wise words have taught me many life lessons throughout the years. I also admire her kind-hearted soul, because no matter who the person is, she is always nice as can be to them.” February/March 2018 You had a setback in soccer. What did you learn from the experience? “My sophomore year my club soccer coach cut me from the traveling soccer team. It took me a couple months to regain my confidence and actually start to play again. The experience taught me to not listen to what one per- son has to say about you, and to work even harder to show they missed out!” 61