February Magazines 89012 - Page 50

Upcycle a Cereal Box In about 10 minutes you can turn an ordinary cereal box into a magnetic paper bin. It’s a fun and easy back­to­school project the kids can do. With a magnetic strip, these can be hung on your locker door to hold paper, pencils, homework assignments and more. What You’ll Need: • Empty cereal box • Scissors • Scrapbook paper • Glue • Washi Tape (optional) • Magnetic strip (found at craft stores) How To: 1. Cut the cereal box into the shape you want. 2. Trace and cut the scrapbooking paper in the size of the box. Do all sides. 3. Glue paper to the box. You can also seal the box edges with decorative Washi Tape. 4. Add magnets to the back. ◆