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A Celebration of Diversity Calling All Young Writers In February, we take time to recognize and honor the many achieve- Do you have a young Hemingway, Jane Austen, Stephen King or J.K. ments of African-Americans. Live music and dance performances, soul food and children’s activities set the scene for the Springs Preserve’s (www.springspreserve.org) annual Black History Month Festival on February 17th. It’s a lively event the whole family can enjoy. Other events pay homage to some of the great artists, musicians and play- wrights of color, whose works stir the imagination, provoke thought and encourage harmony. Here are a few that celebrate all the diversity that makes life both complex and beautiful. Ladysmith Black Mambazo | February 3 Rowling in your family? Two upcoming contests will give budding local writers a chance to express their creativity, share their stories, get the recognition they deserve at awards ceremonies and win cool prizes! 2018 PBS KIDS Writers Contest For this 19th annual contest, students in grades K-5 are encouraged to submit original stories with illustrations. Stories will be judged on creativity an originality of plot and themes; story structure and use of literary devices; and relevance, quality and originality of illustrations. First place winners will receive a scholarship to attend the Southern Four-time Grammy Award-winning Ladysmith Black Mambazo will Nevada Writing Project’s five-day Summer Youth Writing Camp. soon bring their uplifting vocal harmonies, signature dance moves and Winners will also receive a trophy, framed enlargements of their work charming onstage banter to the Sammy Davis Jr. Festival Plaza and additional reading and writing resources. All stories must be (720 Twin Lakes Dr.). The spectacular all-male group from South Africa submitted by March 23 at 5 p.m. Visit www.vegaspbs/writers-contest has been performing songs of peace and love since they assembled in for info. the 1960s, finding fame in the U.S. on Paul Simon’s Graceland album. Since, they’ve recorded with artists from Stevie Wonder to Melissa Henderson Libraries’ 9th Annual Teen Creative Writing Contest Etheridge, provided soundtrack material for Disney’s The Lion King Part II and accompanied Nelson Mandela to receive his Nobel Peace Prize. Henderson Libraries’ contest is geared toward teens in grades 6-12 and They are, in a word, inspiring. Visit www.lasvegasnevada.gov for info. offers three different categories for writers to choose from: poetry, short story/fiction or essay/memoir. Prizes will be awarded for first, sec- Nevada Conservatory Theatre Presents Fences February 9-11 & 15-18 In the 1985 Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning play Fences, African- American playwright August Wilson examines race relations and what it was like to be black in the mid-20th century. The play centers on Troy ond and third place in multiple categories for both middle and high school levels. Finalists will also get to see their works published in the library’ ́ݸх饹UY̰م)ѡɽ՝ѡ!ͽ1ɅݕͥєQՉͥ)ՅиYͥЁܹͽɅɥ̹)QMѠ ѕ) I%P)5ͽɵȁхȁѡ9ɼ ͕1Օ́ݡݽɭ́́)ɉ܁A͉ɝ፱Ց́ɽѡ)ȁՕ́ɥ́ɥQɽéѕɹ́х́́ѽ)ɕѥ́͡ݥѠ́ݥ́ͽݡ܁݅́́ݸ)Ѽ䁉]эѡɅչЁ)Ց 展Qɔ(ԁL5居A两YͥЁܹU91XԽȁѥ̸)=Ʉ1́ÝAɕ͕́=Ʉ1́ Յ)=Ʉ1́ÝɅѕ́ѡɥɥɅѥ䁅)ѡ䁡ȁѡɥյٕ̰́ͥՍѽ́)͕́ɅɅѥѡЁɕ́ѡѕɽє)́ՍѥɅ́UȁɅ)!٥٥ͥɕѥٔ́ͽѥ́ͻeЁ݅́՝)Սѽ쁥Ёх́ɕͽɍ́Ѽɥѡ͔ѥ́Ѽѡȁ̴)ɽ́Ѽѡٕ́ѡȁՑ̸Q́́ݡɔMѡɸ)9مéQÍչѥ́ѼиQչ)ѥ́ɕѱ䁅ѥѥ́Ȁ԰Ʌ́Ѽ)ͥЁ,ȁ͍́ѕ́ ɬ չ䁅́ݕ́չ)ɝѥ́ٔѡȁ́ѡȁ́Սѥ)ɽɅ́ȁѡЁѡȁՑ̸)ѼͥəɵЁ]Ё1́Ý1ɅQɔ(ā\15 ِMѥ́䁡Ѽх́QɅ́́ѡɕ䁅ɕЁ%ѥЁ)1幔Aɥ]]əMɱYɕ쁍͕́MЁ-ݱЁɅݥѠɽɕ٥Ѽ))Qɕ ɐ쁅Ʌ͕́ɥɥ԰չ̸ɅЁѥ́ɔمѡչѥe)ՑAɝ䁅 ̰Qɕ͡1ЁѡMх́ݕͥєɽ܁չѥ5ɍ̸YͥЁܹѡɽ̹չѥ) ɵ)̸YͥЁܹɅٕ̹ȁɔ(ЁՅ5ɍ