February 2018 Ward 1 Report - Page 5

Varsity Community Depot

Optimization of the Community Recycling Depot network

Now that recycling is widely available at home and work, The City of Calgary collects less than one-quarter of what they once did through their Community Recycling Depot (CRD) network. With this change it was time to take a close look at the CRD network and develop a plan for the long-term sustainability of this program. After careful review, The City has decided to close nine of their locations; this change will allow them to operate more efficiently while still offering most Calgarians easy access to a depot.

The City looked at many factors, including volume of recyclables collected at each location, service area, population density, proximity to other depot sites, and other short- and long-term operational factors to identify the most appropriate CRDs for removal. As a result, they have identified nine sites that can be closed while still providing most Calgarians a recycling depot within a ten-minute drive from their home or business.

Starting January 22nd, 2018 The City will be closing the following nine CRD sites. To see which locations are closing, click here. Closure will be completed by mid-February.

The location that will effect Ward 1 is the closure of Varsity Community Recycling Depot on Varley Drive NW. The nearby locations available are Market Mall at 3625 Shaganappi Tr NW and North Hill on 1901 16 Ave NW.

The City will be contacting surrounding community associations and the depot hosts in the next few weeks to notify them of the depot closures. Signs will be posted at the closing sites in advance to notify depot users and advise them of alternate locations. The City will also send information to community newsletters and publish changes on Calgary.ca.


Waste & Recycling Services will be closing nine Community Recycling Depots (CRDs), beginning January 22, 2018.