February 2018 Ward 1 Report - Page 15

Special Fares

Airport $10.50

Learn more about the service here.

Low Income Monthly Pass

Cost is determined by your income. Learn more about our Low Income Monthly Passes.

Senior Regular $135.00

Ages 65 and older

Learn more about our Regular Senior Yearly Passes.

Senior Low Income $20.00

Ages 65 and older

Learn more about our Low Income Seniors Yearly Passes.

If you have a senior’s yearly transit pass, you may have noticed the increase. Want to know the reason why?

In accordance with The City of Calgary Action Plan for 2015 – 2018, the Senior Yearly pass was approved to increase in 2016 to $115.00 and $135.00 in 2018. This is an average of $10 per year. The pass remained at $95 in 2016 due to the freeze, and is now set at the pre-approved rate of $135.00 for 2018.

Calgary Transit will be conducting a public engagement with seniors as part of The City of Calgary’s Age-Friendly Strategy in early 2018. To find out more and to provide your feedback, visit www.engage.calgary.ca/seniortransit

Here is a link to Transit’s 2017-2018 fare adjustments.

Seniors' Yearly Pass