Fashion House Magazine 1st - Page 8

3.18.2011 was the start of my IMVU journey. I had never before attempted to join a social website before, but to my surprise, I immediately became interested with the fascination of creating the look of my avatar as well as building my own persona. While exploring during my first week on IMVU, I discovered that I could chat with other people who had joined IMVU. Within a short period of time, I befriended and chatted with alot of great people who didn’t mind helping noobs along the way and introducing me to the IMVU world.

My first month on IMVU was about exploring and meeting people. I met a lot of "wrong" & right good and bad people but needless to say they all played a part in my journey as I learned about developing, adult activities, having families etc.. By May, 2011, just 2 months after I started the game I was married. Two weeks later we were divorced simply because there was too much drama involved in that relationship as well as "I was basically still a noob exploring". In a small amount of time I learned that most of the women on here thrive off of relationships, love and trapping men with babies. This got me in one hell of a bind as women came out the woods stating I was the father of their children after cybering with them AS A NOOB WITH NO UNDERGROUND PRODUCTS.

Being the man that I am, I attempted to do the right thing, however as time went by I started to feel trapped in a fantasy world that was not MY fantasy. So I decided if this is "MY" fantasy, then I will play it accordingly. I had no desire of being a single father in my fantasy world and I decided that I wanted a wife, kids and a family. Therefore, I started over with Fontellla in July of 2011. We stayed married for almost 2 years and had 4 beautiful kids the right way; through love and that marked the start of MY IMVU life.

Kasyus Bugatti was always known around as a well groomed & well dressed man. I love suits!! I love fashion and detail. With that reputation alone, my name started to ring so many bells throughout the IMVU community, even developers contacted me. One specific person (GL) came to me one night while in my club. This person is a developer of clothing/suits, a good one! I chose to not name him/her due to the fact that he/she gets NO recognition in MY article, however those who know my story already or may have heard about the controversy and know exactly who I'm speaking of. This person came to my club, gifted me a suit and wanted my opinion on it and said that he/she had heard great things about me and my style of dress therefore needed some ideas and wanted to meet with me the following day about an idea that came to mind. I agreed to meet and we did. Within this meeting I was asked to cut a business deal...

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