Fashion House Magazine 1st - Page 6

I consider myself to be a

Newbie-ish Dev. I started experimentingwith creating in the summer of 2010 and I ended up with a transparent burgundy dress in the previewer with no clue how it happened. I couldn't dedicate any time learning how to create, or creating itself, as I was modelling for a few top agencies and was always working on ads and in fashion shows. Finally, in February/March of 2011, I decided to take some time off from modeling and concentrate on learning how to create--I guess there's a lot to learn as I'm still on hiatus from modeling LOL For me, I don't like to slap-dash things just to get something in to the catty to make quick credits, but I take my time to work on whatever it is I'm making; if it doesn't look right to me, I tweak it some more until I like what I see.