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I pulsed the day before that my line of suits called "A Gentleman's Closet" was coming out the next day. Someone on my friends list reported this to the "enemy" and he/she was waiting. I dropped my suits in peer review that night and woke up the next morning to messages in my email stating I had been DMCA’d.

I submitted my textures to IMVU's legal team the correct way and within 48 hours my products were back in my catalog. I also submitted tickets of the harassment coming from this person who wants to be "the only suit developer on IMVU". IMVU stated they would do an investigation however with no concrete evidence such as flagging of a conversation etc... they had little to go on but would take into consideration that many people had reported this person as an "online bully".

Basically I moved on and continued to make more suits and break record numbers in rising sales. My line did not suffer from this at all. My relationship and history with the community was built on a strong foundation called LOYALTY & RESPECT. However, he/she continued with the rumors about me being a thief and how I stole from him/her. He/She even went as far as threatening people by stating "if you're Kas Bugatti's friend then you can't be my friend" or "if you buy from Kas Bugatti then I can't be your friend". Real petty things were being said and done according to relevant sources but it didn't bother me one bit. I now had a goal to become PRO and the timing for me was perfect because I was laid off from my RL job at the time and that opened up a lot of play time for me. I was making suit after suit after suit and clocking sales that were topping my own recorded sales. By January, 2013 I was a Pro Developer and that was all I needed to accomplish to be able to call myself “THE WINNER”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was my goal to prove to myself that I could beat the odds and I did. Once I became PRO I basically slowed down on developing. I still create and commit to custom orders here and there but I am not a daily developer as I was before. My RL is busier than ever now so I am unable to commit m yself to online gaming as I did earlier on in my IMVU life.

In essence to all of this, Kasyus Bugatti is a loyal businessman, a devoted friend, a helper, a giver and most importantly an honest person who has no need to steal or take from anyone. I have been through a lot on this game and I take no negativity from it. I have turned all my negative into positives and it has truly made me more humble, stronger and still on top. I make suits because that is something that I love to do in my spare time. I don’t make suits to pay my rent.

To all of the people who turned left and followed or believed the rumors, it's your choice to believe what you will, however know your facts, know your history and know who you're dealing with. Don't get caught up in the hype of things and allow people to bully or manipulate your mind with lies and deceitfulness. Don't pass judgment! Who are you to judge anyone? Who are you to judge me? Keep in mind there is always 3 sides to a story; yours, mine and the TRUTH. ~ Bugatti

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~ Bugatti