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...that entailed having my name on his/her suits for promotional purposes and the name of the line would be called "The Bugatti Line". These suits would consist of "high end" tailor made quality and would represent my taste in color scheme and coordination. We cut a deal within a few days and he/she started to produce for the Bugatti Line almost immediately after. sales reports and from what I saw within a few days suit sales went from selling 5-8 a day to more than 20 per day. I'd like to say that it was I, MrKasyusBugatti that put this person on the map as things were going smoothly.

At the same time all of this was happening I was learning to create rooms and furniture. Why didn't I learn clothing 1st? Because people where telling me to learn how to create rooms 1st being that it was much easier than clothing. I had so many people willing to help me, willing to teach me anything I needed to know. I also learned a lot on youtube. I have friends on the game who did video chats with me to show me step by step on how to make textures, resize textures, etc. It came very easy for me to learn and grasp at it quickly. I made rooms and furniture and did framed pictures as well. Business was great; with the Bugatti Line going and my rooms and furniture selling I had become a very rich man on IMVU. Then out of no where the unexpected happened. The person who was in business with me doing the Bugatti Line quickly turned on me due to a disagreement with my sister, whom had become his/her mother during this time. None of their argument involved me however, I received a message in my inbox stating the deal was off. I accepted that and continued to do my thing, which was making rooms and furniture. In the midst of all that, I did feel as though this person had used me for promotional status and by the time his/her name had climbed up the charts and I was cut off from the deal purposely. A lot of other drama started to unfold with this person, which again, I played no part in as it was between my sister and him/her but because of my relationship with my sister I became a target. So with that being said I stopped buying suits from this person all together. I do not support "evil" people.

I found another developer who made suits, very nice textures but his colors were a little off however, I knew that if I'd give this man ideas on colors, textures etc... he could be a big hit. I hit him up, discussed business much like the deal with the previous suit maker and magic started to happen. This developer was amazed at sells from suits on his Bugatti Line and I knew he would be. We made a dream team until the previous developer got word of it. He/She flagged all of the Bugatti Line suits and DMCA'd them as well, stating those were his/her textures. All textures and color schemes came from magazines, google, yahoo and websites and he made some of them himself for our suits. Everytime my developer made a new suit he was flagged by this same person and being threatened at the same time. Word got out to the community that my developer was a thief and the both of them had wording via inbox and my developer was the one that ended up being banned from IMVU permanently. This was devastating for me, however I am a fighter and I refused to allow this person to continue intimidating my circle of people so I made up my mind to learn how to create clothing myself.

It took me about 2 months to put out my 1st suit, after late nights of youtube videos, joinme sessions and video chats with people who knew my determination and willing to help me succeed.