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AHDB fungicide performance results to include new product for wheat

Fungicide performance information for the new product Ascra Xpro will be published by AHDB at its annual Agronomists’ Conference.

At the event, which takes place on 7 and 8 December at Peterborough Arena, data for the new wheat fungicide will be presented alongside performance information for a wide range of commercially available fungicides.

Launched at the end of November, Ascra Xpro (marketed by Bayer) contains the SDHI bixafen and the azole prothioconazole, plus a second SDHI, fluopyram

Dr Paul Gosling, who manages fungicide performance research at AHDB, said: “The effectiveness of fungicides against foliar wheat diseases is tested in our independent trials.

“Ascra Xpro has shown strong performance against septoria, outperforming Bayer’s flagship wheat fungicide, Aviator Xpro. This shows the value of the second SDHI against this disease.

“To understand how the new product compares with a range of fungicides, we encourage people to look at our full fungicide performance results.”

Fungicide performance information

Led by ADAS, in partnership with NIAB, SRUC and Harper Adams University, AHDB fungicide performance information can be used to help optimise spray programmes.

Full fungicide performance data from the 2015/16 trials will be presented by Stuart Knight, NIAB (wheat and barley) and Faye Ritchie, ADAS (oilseed rape) on the second day of the AHDB Agronomists’ Conference.

The latest fungicide performance information can be accessed at

Information about the AHDB Agronomists’ Conference can be accessed at