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Calders and Grandidge have for many years supplied high quality pressure treated fencing in both Creosote and Celcure treatments to the UK and European markets, with particular emphasis on supplying quality fencing which is treated correctly and seasoned to allow for maximum penetration of treatment. These products can be supplied in part packs, full packs or by the job, as required, and they do not require full load volumes to make a delivery. Due to the high percentage some end users are experiencing of early failures in green treated posts, Calders and Grandidge are finding creosote is proving to be the long term alternative and seeing a huge increase in demand especially as it is long lasting treatment giving long term peace of mind to the customer.

Correctly treated fencing needs virtually zero maintenance providing the initial treatment and erection is carried out correctly. Properly erected creosote fencing will give a long life span of many decades giving peace of mind to owners and erecters alike. Our creosote is impregnated to 115kg/m3 which is significantly higher than many imported creosoted products on the market currently.

A full range of softwood and hardwood field gates is also available in either treatment of green Celcure or Creosote; these are supplied with or without ironwork as required and can be ordered in single gate volumes or multiples.

In addition to the supply of fencing products Calders and Grandidge also offer a third party treatment option in Creosote or Celcure enabling customers to send in their own timber for treatment. Prices are available from the Sales Team for this service.

C&G offer a reliable and professional service and are very happy to come and discuss your requirements at your premises nationwide.

Please contact the Sales Team for more information on 01205 358866 or email