Far Horizons: Tales of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror. Issue #13 April 2015 - Page 92

were respectful members of our coven, by birth or marriage, and all of them prayed to our deity for salvation. Unfortunately, even though the Nexus neutralised the threats that prompted the worthy one to be possessed in the first place, the possessed party rarely survives it, and if they do they are rendered catatonic. There has been several instances of the Nexus being forced to enter an unworthy body, but fortunately the body would dissolve soon after. Margo shuddered and turned the page. This picture was familiar. It depicted a coven member sitting on the floor. Her hands hung limp next to her body, and she was facing the ceiling. Light was streaming from it and colliding with her: Of course there are a lot of ways for a deity to walk in a human shell: Manifesting in a human form in order to communicate, Reanimation of a corpse, Trapping in a body with a fabricated soul as a means of containment. The most elusive by far is Bonding, requiring a person who embodies the qualities the deity represents and respects in full glow. When such a paragon is found, and the conditions (which are unknown to us) are fulfilled, the deity can transfer itself into the host, where it will fuse with the host’s body and bond with their soul. Of course, no one has seen a successful bonding before so it is impossible for anyone to know what would happen, though it has been attempted. Many witches of our order offered themselves, but the Nexus would eventually leave their body, leaving it exhausted and their soul torn to pieces. One of the possible results of a bond is an entity called The Hunter/Huntress, that is mentioned in several ancient texts. Not much is known about this entity’s appearance, or intentions, but the greatness of its power is widely known. Margo stopped reading abruptly. The Huntress. It was the codename Malik gave her, the name she was known by in the demonic circles before she started using aliases. She never would have called herself a paragon. Margo closed the book and sighed. She didn’t want to die. She wanted to panic, to raise a fuss. But a voice inside her head kept singing a calm relaxing tune, and Margo found herself thinking everything PAGE 92 would be alright. Margo rifled through the book some more, but there wasn’t anything about her. There were only reports of battles that have happened or battles to come. She recognised many of the drawings. She had seen them in her head, in living colour. It didn’t help with the vagueness though. She couldn’t recognise any of the people in them no matter how hard she tried. Margo sighed and put the book with several others, the bag of crystals, some magical valuables and a few pieces of clothing she took a liking to in a large backpack and exited the room. “Are you alright?” Jake asked her as soon as she exited the room. He was wearing a white shirt and some jeans that were too big for him. It looked like he raided the fourth bedroom. “I am fine. See?” Margo snickered at his worried tone, lifting her arms. “If I feel weird I will tell you.” she patted him on his back. “Are we going to go now? Let’s go revive Patrick.” Jake’s wide smile came back. “We just need to stop by my store to get the revival scrolls, and them get the Hand.” He still insisted on carrying her bag. They tried to teleport, but her brief demise meant the amulet had reset. “Wow, you’ve lost all those powers.” Jake looked at her sadly, then pulled his cell phone out. Margo twirled the amulet between her fingers. “Heh, I can always get them back. Plus I still have telekinesis and demonic strength and resistance. I think I came out ahead in the end.” Jake called a taxi. They kept their conversation quiet as to not seem crazy to the driver. “What did you have to do to get those scrolls? They are just as hard to find as the Hand.” Margo looked out the window. They were almost there. “Well, I can be very convincing when I want to be. I can also get into any computer I want and I am good at extortion.”