Far Horizons: Tales of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror. Issue #13 April 2015 - Page 90

Part Nine: The Book Vincent was back to what counted as normal for him in the span of a half an hour. The spell took a toll on him, but he was happy. He even clapped when Jake told him he had found the Hand of Resurrection, and left soon after to prep things. Jake spent the time feeding them tea and buzzing around Margo with a concerned expression. All Margo could do was say “I’m fine” over and over again and roll her eyes. Not that his concern bothered her. After Margo reassured Jake that she was fine and he finally sat down to rest, she climbed upstairs and took a shower. The scalding water calmed her. Her muscles were screaming from exertion, but soon the heat made them stop. She washed her hair with some shampoo she found lying around, stripping the blood and gore off it. She looked at her arms as she used a washcloth with an unnecessary amount of soap on it. She had scars from the torture. The blackness had chipped PAGE 90 away, but they were still there, looking years old. Margo looked at her stomach. The bullet hadn’t left a scar. Must be a perk of being revived by a deity. Margo never really paid much mind to scars, they were a part of what she did. She had many of them, thankfully not ones she could not hide. That would reveal her identity too much. She shut her eyes, concentrating really hard, and managed to access her Vuur form. She looked like she was covered in one big tattoo. The two thick lines circled around her eyes and went down her neck, where they split into seven and branched out to her toes. It was then that Margo discovered how drained she was, being able to maintain that form for only a few minutes. She exited the bathroom wearing a clean bathrobe. “I’m done, you can go. I’ll be in one of the rooms.” She called after Jake, who was waiting to use the shower, having discovered the lower bathroom was