Far Horizons: Tales of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror. Issue #13 April 2015 - Page 88

anticipation of something extraordinary. Breathing heavy from dancing, lust, adrenalin. “Hey babies! You ready to party?” The crowd screamed. As much as she wanted to downplay it, she did feel a rush at that moment. Cassie shook her fist in the air. “Then let’s party!” She cranked the music up and swayed to the beat in a way she hoped was both fun and seductive for the people watching her. She glanced at DJ Mazer. His eyes were closed and he was nodding his head in time to the heavy percussions. Not a bad life, Cassie thought. For a few minutes she moved with the music, occasionally shouting out words of encouragement to the dancers. She knew the final was coming up soon. And, she would give the revellers what they wanted; a chance to see something extraordinary. “Fly with me,” she purred, her voice cutting through the chest rattling bass. She took off the headset, then floated up over the DJ booth. The dancers cheered as she flew slowly over the dance floor. Cassie stared down at the people, as they looked up at her. Although most had either the gaping faces of people in awe or the unfocused gaze of people buzzed from drugs, booze and endorphins, a few had vaguely fearful faces. Cassie expected this. There were people who were afraid of her and the other metahumans. As the song ended, DJ Mazer took over. Cassie drifted down to the dance-floor, where Tina was waiting for her. “How’d I do?” “Right on time. Let’s get in some dancing, then bounce.” Cassie mingled with the crowd. She danced with a few of the more attractive men, accepted the steady stream of compliments with smiles, nods, and the PAGE 88 strategic use of arms touches. Although the music was still annoying, she was fully enjoying the dancing and the attention. While she was busy spinning from partner to partner, the man with the knife watched her intently. Every time he saw her touch another person it felt like a needle in his brain. He knew she didn’t want them, that she was being kept from him by the grasping hands and jerking bodies. Now, he thought, now she wants you. Go get her. On the dance-floor, Tina pushed her way to Cassie’s side. “Hey, if you want to get going, we can.” Cassie nodded. “Let McQ know we’re bailing and get the car out front. I’ll be done in a minute.” Tina turned to leave, when she was grabbed by the man with the knife. “What the fuck,” Tina said as the man spun her around. He wrapped one arm around her chest and slipped out his knife with the other. He raised the blade to her throat. “Hold still!” he yelled into Tina’s ear. “Cassie!” Even over the music, Cassie heard the man scream. She assumed it was some fan looking for a moment of face time. Smiling broadly, she turned. Her smile was wiped away when she saw the knife at Tina’s throat. “I love you, Cassie! And you’re going to love me or I cut this bitch’s throat.” He pressed his knife against Tina’s throat. A wild energy coursed through his eyes, his body. He was trembling from a mix of fear and excitement. He was certain that Cassie would understand his love for her and be his. Cassie held her hands up. “Is this what you want?” She concentrated. When she activated her power, it