Far Horizons: Tales of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror. Issue #13 April 2015 - Page 87

maintain a facade of friendliness and flirtatiousness with enough aloofness to have a core of unattainability. That’s what people expected from celebrities and that’s what got her paid. So, while she was smiling and engaged on the surface, inside, she thought about flying. As her thirty minute, meet-and-greet session was coming to an end, she waved McQ over. “How’s the night going for you?” He shouted over the pounding beat. “Great. Do you want me to get up and DJ for a few?” McQ nodded. “Yeah, DJ Mazer has been looking forward to meeting you.” Great, she thought, another guy who adds a drum track to the pop song of the day and thinks he’s an artist. “Well, I wanna hang with him and lay down some sick beats.” For exactly fifteen minutes, she thought. Cassie leaned in close to Tina, who was chatting up a handsome man with the sharp features of a model. “Hey, I’m going to hit the stage. Don’t disappear on me.” Tina looked at her with exaggerated mock outrage. “Are you questioning my virtue?” “Can’t question what you don’t have.” The two women laughed and hugged. “Just keep an eye on the time, kay?” “I am Tina, the human stopwatch. Now, give the people what they want.” As she followed McQ to the DJ booth, she wondered what it was the