Far Horizons: Tales of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror. Issue #13 April 2015 - Page 81

She grabbed Khellus’ arm and steered him for the front. Before they got two steps, a man appeared at the top of the stairs and tromped down. Slim and trim, he had a shock of thick, blond hair and sharp features that gave him a vulpine look. His blue-andcrimson uniform appeared rumpled from being slept in, the only unkempt thing about him. “Hope I didn’t startle, dove, I simply—” He paused in mid-step and grabbed the wooden railing to steady himself. “Who’s this?” Khellus noted how his hand reached for a non-existent weapon at his waist. So, a man unafraid to defend his household. Admirable. “Oh, trample me now.” Abrodail massaged her forehead. “I’m not ready for this.” Khellus looked between them. “You told him about me? I’m touched.” Favriel laughed mirthlessly. “Not of you, specifically. But when we married, I had cause to know of your existence.” “Did you?”Khellus frowned. “When did you marry?” “We exchanged oaths three years ago.” “Mommy’s not-nice friend,” Eogwen said. “And she sti