Far Horizons: Tales of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror. Issue #13 April 2015 - Page 65

to give the area you are hiding in another look before moving on. What makes the Alien scarier than the humans? You can’t use weapons to kill it. The closest thing you can do is scare it with fire by shooting red gas tanks or throw a Molotov at it PRO TIP: Make lots of Molotovs. As scary as the Alien is, after a while it really just becomes annoying. The Alien, the “Main” antagonist of the game becomes annoying literally like a fly buzzing around your face. Earlier in the game play you sit in a closet and pray it just walks away then later on as you get used to the creature you find yourself doing crossword puzzles as you wait for it to leave! That’s what made me so angry at the game, they took something so scary and made it annoying to the point that I would start to make fun of it because it would keep on with the repetitive actions, “I hear something in the vents time to hide. There it is. Wait for it to leave. Is it gone? Nope. Wait for a while. I think it’s gone, Nope its back, back into the hidey hole.” Hope is not lost in the scary department. There is one more enemy you encounter in this game that I personally found to be scarier, the Working Joes. The Working Joes, unlike the synthetics made famous in the Alien films are out of date and don’t look that human although they have human faces; following the laws of the Alien franchise, the Joes have bugs in the software. The Working Joes are malfunctioning and like the Angel Hosts from the Doctor Who Episode “Voyage of the Dammed” they actively seek out survivors and kill them. Why these guys are scarier in my opinion - you can fight them but they are harder than hell to kill! They do talk but in a monotone voice and are extremely polite as they attack you, the key thing they always say as they do, “You’re being hysterical.” Well you would be too if a bald pale skinned gapped mouth thing with a dead fish eye stare is attacking you, you would be a bit panic-stricken too. Speaking of their dead starring eyes, they glow in the dark… there are times you have to be in the pitch black and all you see is that! them the gunfire attracts the Alien but if you run away from the Joes let’s just say PROTIP: NEVER run under open vents. This is where it’s terrifying in the game, when facing one or more Working Joes you’re left with little options, they can be stopped but now you bring in the annoying Alien (Who does not attack the Joes like it will the humans) but if your able to get by them and break the Joe’s line of sight, they will (sometimes) stop looking for you. Unlike the Alien, that I said before every little sound you hear could be it, the Joes are quiet so be prepared to turn a corner and see one walking down a hallway but they do alert you to where they are because most of the time they can’t stop talking. Overall the game is a must have if you’re a fan of the Alien franchise as much as I am, sadly the game has a low ‘replayability’ rating which I have to admit is true, once you finish it you’re kind of done with it but that was ME so I can’t speak for any of you. My last ‘PROTIP’ to everyone is this, if you’re going to play this game for the first time, watch the move Alien first. If you are able to play the game with headphones, DO IT. If you really want to make things interesting, play in the dark (but have a dim light source since the light from the screen could hurt your eyes.) Happy gaming! You can use your weapons on them but it takes a lot of ammo (depending on the weapon) to bring one of them down and also on the bad side when you shoot PAGE 65