Far Horizons: Tales of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror. Issue #13 April 2015 - Page 55

“This document gives you more details about the man we want you to find for us. He is living somewhere in the asteroid belt, hiding out among the people that live there eking out what they can away from what we call civilised society.” Bennett paused. “No doubt it suits him.” Colfax grinned at the prim man opposite. “You seem to have some idea of that, all I know is he’s there and you want him. There isn’t a lot in there to colour in between the lines.” Colfax tapped the cover of the file. “You don’t even have a vidpic of him for me to go on, only a mocker.” “You don’t say in here why you want him.” Colfax tapped the side of his bag. “For one obvious reason Mr. Colfax. We don’t actually know what he looks like. He changes his face a lot, more than one plastic surgeon has our target to thank for his new car.” “That is something else you need not concern yourself with Mr. Colfax. Suffice to say, he is a very dangerous fugitive, and he will be hard to find.” Bennett sipped his tea. “That is why we asked you for your services.” “I suppose I should be honoured.” “So this is?” Bennett shrugged. “That is for you to decide after doing the job, Mr. Colfax.” Bennett pursed his lips. “A best guess based on his bone structure. There isn’t much else to go on. We do however have something that might help, a DNA sample.” “What else have you got?” Colfax finished his coffee and made a face. “I’ve drunk mud that tastes better.” Colfax shook his head. “If I have to scan everyone I find that might be more trouble than it’s worth.” “The target, as you no doubt have read, flies well below law enforcement radar screens. Every agency on the planet knows he’s got all his fingers in every illegal pie you can conceive of: drugs, money laundering, prostitution, slavery.” Bennett sat back, going quiet as a family squabbled past. “He’s too clever to be directly involved of course, but he orders them, there is no doubt of that.” “We can help a little bit there.” Bennett opened his case and pulled out a small device, no bigger than Colfax’s palm. “The latest in DNA detection. Turn it on and it does all the work. As you know everyone spits a little when they talk, this detects the residue and instant DNA check. Amazing what you can do with technology. You also have this,” he pulled out a small earpiece. “It beeps when the DNA it detects matches the target. Then you just need to find the source. Hopefully it will be of some assistance.” “He has quite an organisation; you have to give him that.” Colfax ordered another coffee against his better judgement. “Yes, he does Mr. Colfax, but out in the asteroid belt it will be somewhat diminished. Enough, we think, for you to find him.” “Diminished, but not gone.” Colfax assessed the situation. “That is true; he will have protection, but we believe you will be more than capable of dealing with it. Your skills are, shall we say, extensive.” Bennett sat back. “More than a match for what you might encounter.” “Still looks like a needle in a haystack job.” Colfax finished his drink. “What if I fail?” “You won’t, we have faith in you. And even if you did, we will still pay you in full.” Bennett rose from his seat. “We will be in touch when we have more information Mr. Colfax. Enjoy your flight.” He started to walk away then stopped and half turned. “Good luck, Mr. Colfax.” On the shuttle, Colfax put away the file. The cabin lights dimmed, and he felt the engines fire up to take them out of orbit. The attendants came through the cabin, checking seatbelts and the overhead storage PAGE 55