Far Horizons: Tales of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror. Issue #13 April 2015 - Page 43

“No arguments Sir Henry, shot by a French spy then standing around talking about it. You will let me take you home and see to your wounds. I insist!” Sir Henry didn’t argue, in fact a few who caught the smile that flickered across his face might have said he was happy with the prospect of being nursed by the lovely young lady. Of course he was just as happy to have the map safe and sound in the pocket of his jacket. Tonight a dalliance and tomorrow a ticket to Europe. He glanced down at the lovely young woman still within the curve of his arm. Perhaps the day after tomorrow, after all he had the only copy of the map so he had plenty of time. A few days would do no harm and the young lady really was a beauty. The map would be safe at her house; after all she was the very picture of a fine young lady. BIO. Stacey says I have to talk to people. She says I must write a Bio or she will send Pete the Editor round for a visit. So done under protest. Oh and she says it has to be third person so I asked HIM to write it. Who is he: Jim King, Humanist, Agnostic, Thinker, Scribbler, Coffee Addict, Insane Genius. Why Does he Write: Madness and coffee. Mostly madness. He says he can give up coffee any time but always has some excuse for just one more mug. Madness, well for him it’s his usual state, He even talks to himself. No we don’t! He says he writes blogs and stories because he must. He says the words whisper to him, they talk to him, they shout and scream in his mind. He says the sentences follow him around insisting he write them, he says entire paragraphs haunt him at night, refusing to let him sleep until he has composed them and written them. He is clearly deranged. No we aren’t. How Long Has he been Formally Writing: His Blogs, two years now. Science Fiction and horror a year now. He has written plots and backgrounds for RPG games since he started gaming a century ago, yes ladies and gentlemen, he plays tabletop and computer games and RPGs. He is a gamer! Nothing wrong with being a gamer! Yes there is now shut up I’m writing this! What does he write: Aside from being addicted to coffee and a raving madman. No I’m not. His writing comes from the twisted depths of his imagination which has been described accurately as a strange and wonderful place though I would hesitate to use the word wonderful to describe him. Not genre based as such, not limited by such things. Mild horror, steampunk, science fiction, darkness and the unknown. Anything that crawls out of his warped and alien mind really. Oi! PAGE 43