Far Horizons: Tales of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror. Issue #13 April 2015 - Page 40

team had spent months excavating the bones and now they were being returned to England. In fact an almost complete body of a three horned dinosaur with a huge frill was to be unveiled at the museum that very Friday evening at a party for fund raisers. Nothing here you would think, unless you read to the very end, to the last paragraph. The line where the professor bemoaned the fact that his dinosaur had been vandalised by someone who had scratched lines all over the back of the frill. # Sir Henry Carpenter Fitzwarren was the inheritor of a minor title that came with the family estate outside York. A dreary place and the locals were unbearably dull. He never visited, he had a fairly competent manager to run the place and so he was free to enjoy life and indulge his passion for archaeology and exploration. His wealth made him independent, his wit and charm made him a hit with the ladies and his daring do and tales of adventure made him a frequent guest at these sort of parties. He was, in short, the very picture of a gentleman explorer. Of course pictures can lie. The estate was real and of course broke, the manager was a drunkard who stole what little rent came in from the tenants. The family wealth, no such thing. Sir Henry was, to put it politely, a specialist in obtaining items of ‘objet d’art’ and selling them on to discerning buyers across the wealthy of Europe and the Americas. At present he was living comfortably on the proceeds of a lost tomb. With his reputation as an explorer and adventurer he had to no more suggest that he hadn’t been to South America for a few years than he was invited. To join the hunt for a long lost royal palace. When the tomb was found and the door opened Sir Henry was there to spot what looked like a trap waiting for would be thieves, not a man or woman thought PAGE 40 it odd that he volunteered to risk himself by going first to search for other traps. After all he was well known for that sort of thing. Once it was safe for everyone to enter the tomb was explored and carefully catalogued, of course since no one had looked upon the tomb for hundreds of years who was to say how many gold statues had been on that shelf or how full of gems the bowl had been. # It was the most wonderful soiree; everyone who was anyone was here. Some of the Empire’s finest lord s and ladies rubbing shoulders with royalty, officers and gentlemen and of course the various wives, mistresses and other ladies. The band was playing some imported number, something from the states by the sound of it and a growing crowd were laughing and joining the dancing. Sir Henry strode across the room, weaving through the crowd and exchanging words with a few people that he knew. “Charlie, your horse won again, I don’t know how you do it, honestly I don’t. Madam how nice to see you, yes of course I will attend, wouldn’t miss it for the world. Ah professor, how are things in Egypt, the search for the king’s tomb goes well I trust?” Others called a greeting, Sir Henry was well known. Many a head turned to watch him as he went, a strong handsome man, he drew the admiring gaze of many single ladies. One in particular watched him, waiting for the chance to speak to him. Lady Helena Colby-Sax flicked her long red hair about her shoulders as she watched the broad shouldered man stride across the room. A fine catch, a fine catch indeed. She started to walk towards him then stopped when he suddenly turned and stepped through a door on the far side of the room, the sign above the door said Prehis-