Far Horizons: Tales of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror. Issue #13 April 2015 - Page 31

She smiled. “Even the most graceful dancer can fall down stairs.” I chuckled. “That makes me feel a little better. Thanks.” “You are very welcome.” She helped me stand up and balance on my crutches, then walked with me back out to the waiting area. “I do hope you enjoy the rest of your UnionCon experience.” “I will do my best.” Ben stared at the nurse as she walked away. “Please tell me you got that nurse’s number, Wayne. She’s even hotter than that Nadia girl.” “Na Hi, Ben. Her name was Na Hi. And no, I didn’t.” “What a waste. So what’s the damage?” “It’s a bad sprain. Looks like I’ll have to skip the camping trip, this year.” “Bad luck,” said Ben. “What was so important, anyway? You never said.” “Yes I did! That girl in the flight suit. I wanted to get her name. I blame you for this, by the way. I was turning back to answer you when I fell!” Ben put his hands up. “I just asked where you were going. I didn’t push you or anything.” I shook my head. “Forget it. Doesn’t matter. I’ll probably never see the girl again, anyway.” “Aw, don’t be so glum, chum. You still have Janet. I bet she’d look pretty hot in a body suit like that, too.” “Is that all you ever think about? Girls in tight costumes?” “No, I picture them out of their costumes, too.” “I wish I had gotten her name.” “Lynne!” said Ben. “What?” “Sonja’s sister. Her name is Lynne.” “That’s great, Ben, but it doesn’t help me with the X-Wing girl. Damn, I wish I had gotten her name before she left the table.” “Wish I could help you, but I didn’t see enough of her face to able to pick her out of a crowd if I saw her again.” “Yeah, whatever.” I leaned on my crutches and managed a smile. “Have fun camping, anyway. Sorry for bailing.” “Don’t sweat it. We’ll go camping again, one of these years.” Ben winked. “Are you sure you don’t want me to set up a double date with Sonja and her sister?” I nodded. “Yeah, I know you mean well, but I’d rather make my own mistakes, thanks.” Ben laughed. “Suit yourself. Hope you make some good ones.” # 3. Distracted Janet ran over as soon as she saw my crutches. “Oh, you poor thing! What happened to you?” “I wasn’t watching where I was going.” She kissed me. Her hair smelled like cotton candy. Dyed pink as it was, it looked like it, too. “Does it hurt?” “Only when I’m awake.” I grinned and brushed her hair back. “Ben’s right. You really are beautiful.” Janet beamed. “Why, thank you, Wayne. You’ve never said that to me before. Who’s Ben?” PAGE 31