Far Horizons: Tales of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror. Issue #13 April 2015 - Page 29

Ben smiled. “You mean, I never would have met Janet.” “Whatever. Neither of us would have. And just because I’m not sleeping with Janet doesn’t mean I don’t love her. I just don’t want to complicate our relationship until I’m done with school.” “You really think she’ll wait for you that long?” I shrugged. “I don’t know. But you’re still not getting near her. You wouldn’t want me hitting on Sandra, would you?” “Her name is Sonja, and she wouldn’t go out with you, anyway. I’m the one she’s got a crush on, according to her sister.” “Yeah, well, if she’s got a crush on you, how come her sister is the only one you’ve talked to?” Ben crossed his arms. “She’s shy. I’m still working out how to break the ice. We could double-date, if you want. I think the sister likes you. Her name is Lisa, or Lana, or something like that. I know it starts with an L.” “Like I would trust you to set me up on another blind date.” Ben put up his hands defensively. “Hey, that wasn’t my fault! The girl never told me her friend was an Ursan. What do you have against furry women, anyway?” “It wasn’t the fur, Ben. It was her age. She was fourteen!” “So? That’s like ninety eight in dog years.” “That joke wasn’t funny then, and it isn’t now. In Ursan years, she was still fourteen. Where I come from, that’s statutory rape!” “Only if you had slept with her.” Ben’s face went white. “You didn’t, did you? Her father would likely turn you into a human-skin rug.” “No, I didn’t. I’d prefer to actually know a girl before I sleep with her.” “Whew! That’s a relief! He’d probably come after me, next.” Ben looked at me sideways. “You’ve never had sex with anyone, have you?” “No. Not that it’s any of your business.” I signed another photo and handed it to the next girl in line, an attractive Aldebaran dressed as slave girl Leia. With her blue skin, she might better have portrayed one of the dancing girls, but she still had a nice figure. “That’s a nice costume, miss.” I had brought a copy of Return of the Jedi with me to UnionCon the previous year. This year, every girl who wanted to catch my eye had made a Princess Leia Slave Girl costume. Most of the girls were attractive, I had to admit, but their choice of costume showed a singular lack of imagination. The only variation was in the colour of their skin, or fur, or scales. “Thank you for noticing, Ambassador.” The girl winked. “I wouldn’t mind being your first, if you’re interested.” I blushed and smiled. “You are a beautiful woman, but I just finished telling my friend here that I’d prefer to know the girl, first.” “Sure thing. I’m Na Hi.” She handed me a card with her name, contact information, her blood type, body measurements, and other data I wouldn’t have thought to ask. “Give me a call. I promise, you won’t be sorry.” “Uh, thanks. I’ll think it over.” After she left, Ben nudged me. “Are you going to use that?” I tossed the card onto his photo stack. “Don’t get any diseases.” “Bah! You should be enjoying yourself. I wouldn’t PAGE 29