Far Horizons: Tales of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror. Issue #13 April 2015 - Page 26

liams. Right now he should be in the grounds of his home with his throat ripped out. I did it because eleven years ago today he was involved in a drink driving incident that killed my wife, my daughter and my grand-daughter.” “It doesn’t matter. I just don’t want the dogs to be hurt because of me. I trained them to kill him and him alone. They are good boys and won’t hurt anyone else.” The police officer stared at him, “You’re telling me the truth aren’t you?” Mouth agape the officer asked, “They both savaged him?” “Yes. He killed them and got away with it thanks to a fancy barrister and someone he paid to serve a brief sentence for him. He laughed his way out of the court. Even celebrated with drinks I seem to remember.” “No, no - only one. There are two of them. One’s called Vengeance and the other is called Justice.” The officer called for some detectives and an ambulance to go to Paul Williams’s residence. “Oh, that’s easy,” said George, “I gave up on Justice a long time ago. It was most definitely Vengeance.” “You shouldn’t say anything else until the detectives get here and read you your rights.” Stephen Blake lives in a small seaside town in Cornwall where he plans, plots, exaggerates and occasionally writes. He’s had his work published in the anthologies ‘Airship Shape & Bristol Fashion’ and ‘Avast, Yes Airships!’ He is a regular contributor to ‘Far Horizons’ e-magazine. This summer he will have a number of stories published in the children’s anthology, ‘The Adventures of Dayton Barnes’. He can be found on twitter as @UncannyBlake, on his blog www.stephenblakesblog.com and on Facebook www.facebook.com/stephenblakeauthor. PAGE 26 “Which one has killed him then?”