Far Horizons: Tales of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror. Issue #13 April 2015 - Page 25

Paul Williams had always had the best. Nothing else was acceptable to him. His motto was to ‘always look forward, never glance back’. If he’d hurt anyone on the way, he was oblivious to it. His energy, his focus, was on his own success and his own rewards. # George Daniels was a widower. He moved to the same town as Paul Williams ten years ago after the death of his wife. He had held various jobs but was now running a very exclusive and successful dog training school. He specialised in Dobermans and providing dogs for home security. “Yeah, we’ve got a deal. One thing – I don’t want lame names. I want something like Zeus and Apollo. Okay?” “The names will be apt – don’t worry about that.” They shook hands on the deal and George led Paul through to meet two young male dogs. Both were pedigree and near perfect specimens. “Fantastic,” said Paul. “This will keep the neighbours’ kids out of the grounds.” Paul had seen George’s success and knew he wanted part of it. The kudos of having two guard dogs provided by George was too tempting. And so for two months George would call to collect the two dogs. He would take them away for training and return them at the end of the second day. Paul was delighted. He’d even allowed the local press to photograph him next to his swimming pool with the dogs either side. # # “I can let you have two Dobermans for free – if you’ll allow two conditions,” said George when they met. It was the eleventh anniversary of the death of George’s wife and he marked it with a trip to the local police station. Paul grinned, “I’m listening.” “Firstly, let me name the dogs.” “Is that it?” “Well I will take them off twice a week for two months to train them and, um, I can tell my clientele that you are a valued customer.” George saw he’d massaged Paul’s ego just enough. Talking to the desk Sergeant he said, “Good morning. I would like to turn myself in for a crime; murder.” The police officer smiled, probably thinking the old man was another loony. “Oh yeah, who have you killed and why?” George took a deep breath, “I have killed Paul Wil- PAGE 25