Far Horizons: Tales of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror. Issue #13 April 2015 - Page 179

er’s true name.” “Forgive me but can you describe him?” Ethan described the man in detail. Matthew was nodding before he finished. “I know him. He knew your father quite well Brian. And the timing of his arrival here tells me we’re not alone in seeking the truth.” Ethan nodded. “I know we’re not alone. The note was unsigned but only a select few would know where to find me today.” Matthew nodded slightly. “I pray we find the answers before it’s too late.” They all moved into the main room of the house and Matthew handed Brian one of Tucker’s letters. Brian scanned it and his eyes caught on his own name. Brian does well, he’s growing like a weed and soon I’ll have to commission a new wardrobe for him! The letter was dated shortly before he’d started learning how to fight in the tilling yard. “Mother was ill when you got this letter, Mr Potterfield.” Elizabeth took the letter and gave Brian another one. This one was dated last week. I will not give up until I find Brian! Alive or dead, I will not rest without knowing his fate! He’s all I have left of his mother. I dare not send you any more letters, this one is too risky as it is. Give Reginald my regards. Tucker. Ethan read it over Brian’s shoulder and frowned. “Too risky as it is?” Brian inhaled sharply. “Whoever it is they’re in Marshlight!” Margaret exhaled very quietly. “I’ll give the bride’s father your regards and your regrets, Brian. You need to go home before it’s too late for your father.” Brian was torn between wanting to save his father and wanting to get to know the brother he never knew he had. Reginald and Matthew both saw it in his face. “Brian.” PAGE 178 He looked up at Matthew’s voice. “Go. Your father needs you.” Brian hesitated, but only for a split second. “I swear to you I will come back.” “I know you will. On my honor as a man of God you will always be welcome in my home.” “Thank you, Mr Potterfield.” Brian and Ethan hugged Margaret and Elizabeth briefly to thank them and Brian embraced Reginald tightly. Reginald’s voice was a soft whisper that Brian heard clearly. “Tell him I’ll see him very soon.” “I will.” They took their leave and went straight to the inn Ethan had been staying at. Brian wasn’t surprised to see a set of his clothes in with Ethan’s. The soft leather boots from Marshlight were heaven compared to those tight fitting shoes he’d had to wear for the wedding Ethan had thankfully interrupted. Black trousers with white shirts and black tunics were the order of the day and Ethan paid the innkeeper on the way out. Ethan armed himself with a broadsword and handed Brian his bow and arrows. “We ride until we get there.” “I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Garion and Garda were in the stables but Brian didn’t even bat an eye. “Should have known you’d come along, Garion, does the Viscount know you’re here?” Garion tossed his head and stomped one foot. Of course Earl knew. The horses were close to seventeen years old now but they hadn’t slowed down a bit. Brian boosted Ethan into Garda’s saddle then swung up into Garion’s. The stable master opened the doors and they were off. The horses found the paved road and followed it until they veered off and started a southbound route using wide dirt paths and cobblestoned roads whenever possible. Neither man said a word until they reached the broad cobblestoned road leading