Far Horizons: Tales of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror. Issue #13 April 2015 - Page 178

opportunity to open the envelope he’d gotten earlier. Inside was a blue stone with a silver sextant on it and the initials “M.J.P.” He lightly rubbed with his thumb “Brian, I think it best if you and the young lord here and exposed another set of initials. “T.W.F.” Brian’s waited out of sight until just the right moment. Did he father’s initials were engraved. Reginald’s father’s had show you where the extra rooms were?” been written in grease. There was a brief note with the stone as well. Show this marker to Matthew Potterfield “He did.” so he may see whose initials he attempted to conceal. There is more to this than what Reginald has told you. Her face softened. “You can call me your aunt if you’d What he knows is only part of the truth. Unmask Matlike. I know you had no family besides your parents.” thew Potterfield and learn it all. It was unsigned, but Ethan had a feeling he knew who’d written it. Ethan gave him a gentle nudge and Brian swallowed. “Thank you, I’d like that very much.” “Mr Potterfield, I apologize, but I need to show you something.” Margaret gave him a brief hug he was happy to return then he and Ethan stepped into one of the extra bedEthan turned and showed him the two sets of initials rooms. Ethan’s right foot was noted before he pulled on the back of the Stonemason’s marker. He had the it in so she knew which one they were in. They moved stone cupped in his hand so it was completely conquietly to the back of the room as far away from the cealed but the sisters weren’t stupid. Matthew looked door as possible and Brian hesitantly took Ethan’s at it without a reaction at first before exhaling loudly hand. Ethan held it tightly and refused to let go. Just and looking down at the ground. holding hands was enough to help Brian stay calm until Re v