Far Horizons: Tales of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror. Issue #13 April 2015 - Page 163

his or her glasses in the air. They drank the liquid in one gulp. The firewater burned down her throat. They threw their glasses down. The ice shattered everywhere on the floor. mourners are given the necessary comfort. That is why a Priest is always the last to leave a funeral.” Some mourners left immediately. Most came up to her to offer condolences and help if she needed it. Some said she had done Raoul proud. She knew she had done all she could for him, but it did not feel like enough. Finally Vaclav said his goodbye. She glanced round the empty waiting room. So this was how funerals ended, in a gentle fading to nothing. “I cannot help but notice you are left without anyone to comfort you. You are welcome to stay at our Sanctuary, if it would help you come to terms with your loss.” Priest Kylone came through from the shuttle holding his staff. “I did not realise you were still here.” He smiled. “As a Priest, I have a duty to ensure all PAGE 162 “Of course,” she said, trying to smile a little. “Thank you, but I would rather be on my own.” “Our door will always be open to you.” “Thank you, but I feel I ought to make my own way in the world.” He bowed his head, saying: “As you wish, Widow Alva.”