Far Horizons: Tales of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror. Issue #13 April 2015 - Page 157

transfer it into the code - which emulates the functioning of a human brain - for a little while. The computer filters out the bodily functions like breathing and digesting, and manipulates the functioning of the rest of the brain to think it’s in a different place. That’s projecting.” “And there you have the risks.” Joran was serious. “If not done properly, manipulating thoughts in people’s brains can cause disruption in those thoughts, and then when they are released, they are then incompatible with that brain, and serious mental illnesses can occur, including, Jath?” “Oh, er, behavioural malfunction, such as Acquired Violent Tendency.” “Yes, very nasty, and tragic for the individual and their family. How do we avoid that in modern coding?” “By precise and detailed coding, and environments that imitate the physical world as closely as possible.” Surunel offered. “Good. Tell me about environments, Keeter.” “They’re where the person is projected to. It’s another type of code. It emulates somewhere, anywhere really. It acts just like what it looks like, so you can hear things, and feel things if they touch you, but you can’t change anything, like picking things up, or anything. Oh dear, I’m not explaining this very well.” Keeter frowned as she tried to marshal her thoughts. Joran shook his head, “You were doing fine, Keeter, it’s a difficult concept to explain in words.” He turned to the side, “Avatars, Surunel.” “Erm, coded bodies for the projected person. They look how you code them, but also act as if they were real, I mean physical, bodies. They are receptive, but not effective, so you can’t do anything, like Keeter said.” Jath butted in, “But we’re only going to do the first part of that; just skimming the surface thoughts. That’s only copying, so we wouldn’t put them back afterwards. Projecting is different; then you actually have PAGE 156 to scan and code the whole brain’s activity, and all of the physical connections, even though you’re not actually removing anything, just holding it.” There was a wave of n