Far Horizons: Tales of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror. Issue #13 April 2015 - Page 143

The Feline Queen and other Tales of Myth and Magic (Wolfsinger Publications, 2011) Joanne Hall’s first collection of fantasy stories ranges from the satirical comedy of The Feline Queen, where a race of cat-women are not quite as the hero anticipates, to the darkness of To Please the Gods, where a healer and a priest must join forces to save their village from a mysterious plague. Here you will find heroes, with muscles like footballs and brains like peas.  Heroines, whose mystical gifts may be their salvation, or their doom.  And ordinary people, from this world and others, caught up in magic beyond their understanding. Take a breath, step through the mirror, and enter the realm of the Feline Queen.  It’s going to be an extraordinary journey… Buy From Amazon UK - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Feline-Queen-Other-Tales-Magic/ dp/1936099101/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8 Amazon.com - http://www.amazon.com/ Feline-Queen-Other-Tales-Magic-ebook/dp/ B004S81WZ2/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8 Smashwords http://www.smashwords.com/books/ view/47337 Joanne Hall lives in Bristol, England, with her partner. She has been writing since she was old enough to hold a pen, and gave up a sensible (boring) job in insurance to be a full time writer, to the despair of her mother. She dabbled in music journalism, and enjoys going to gigs and the cinema, and reading. Her first three novels, which made up the New Kingdom Trilogy, were published by Epress Online. Since then she has had to move house to make more room for books. Her short stories have been published in several anthologies, including “Dark Spires” and “Future Bristol”, as well as a number of magazines. A collection of short stories, “The Feline Queen” was published by Wolfsinger Publications in April 2011, and her latest novel, “The Art of Forgetting” was published by Kristell Ink in two volumes in 2013 /14, and the first volume has been longlisted for the 2014 Tiptree Award. With Roz Clarke, she has co-edited two anthologies, “Colinthology” and “Airship Shape and Bristol Fashion.” She is also one of the founders of Bristolcon. Her blog can be found at www.hierath.co.uk, and she’s always happy to hear from readers. CANDLEFIRE Elvienne was startled awake by the hammering on her door. No light seeped through the shutters, and when PAGE 142 she flung a fur around her shoulders and threw wide the door, the night was as black as a witch’s heart and the wind whipped her long grey hair against her face. “Who knocks?” She peered into the rain-lashed dark-