Far Horizons: Tales of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror. Issue #13 April 2015 - Page 129

reached beneath the bar. itri asked. # “Seven,” came Wulfren’s stoic reply. Damitri was making little progress with the stubborn heiress when the sound of raised voices downstairs caught his attention. He opened the door to see Wulfren heading towards them, a large twin bladed axe in his hand. His expression told Damitri all he needed to know. Damitri took a moment to contemplate his next move. “We can’t stay here,” he said. “As soon as they realise they can’t gain entry, they will burn the inn down and kill everyone inside.” “You’re surely not suggesting you run!” Wulfren said, taking a tighter grip on his axe. “How many?” Damitri asked. “If we stay, they will wear us down before the dawn; if we run we will at least have a chance of out-running them.” “I’m not sure,” Wulfren replied “they haven’t tried to enter the inn… yet.” Damitri turned to the maiden: “We’re out of time,” he pleaded, “we need to go n--” His sentence was cut short as a figure flew towards the window. The wards that had been carved there suddenly burst into life as a blast of perfect light flooded the room, blinding them for a just a moment. When t