Far Horizons: Tales of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror. Issue #13 April 2015 - Page 125

The nearest three cultists screamed their dark benefactors name and charged, their spears pointed ahead of them. With a heavy heart Damitri quickly brought his sword to bear. There was a ring of steel on steel as Damitri quickly overpowered these first attackers; disarming one, dismembering the second and beheading the third. More of the cultists entered the fray and he quickly spun, letting an attacker pass him whilst deflecting a second spear with his sword. Another’s eyes widened as Damitri grabbed his spear and lifted it, allowing him to quickly disembowel him. With the cult’s leader and several of its guards dead at the heretic’s feet the remaining cultists found their faith shaken and backed away, fearfully. Damitri, noting their hesitation, took the initiative and the last few steps to the altar where after scanning the stunned crowd he called upon the magic of the goddess Shi’Ara the light warden to cleanse the shrine. Concentrating, a faint glow began to envelop his empty hand which soon became a ball of radiant light. “Your cult is ended,” he shouted as he released the spell. A wave of brilliance briefly illuminated the walls of the dark temple; the more corrupt of the cultists felt their skin burn and crack as the altar to Na’Kraken shattered in a shower of gold and black stone. he had needed to kill so few; he only hoped that they would remember and make better use of the time the gods had given them. He headed down the mountainside. Finally, with his mission complete, he could return home. Damitri’s benefactor watched with interest. “Until next time, Son of Decar,” he said smiling before he stepped back into the darkness. # A week later Damitri was called into the antechamber of high priest Galewyn, which made him uneasy: “Why does he need me again so soon?” he pondered. As always following a successful removal of a cult the other cults would quickly go to ground which would make his work harder. Damitri collected his thoughts and knocked politely. A moment later the wizened face of Galewyn greeted him through the opened door: “Ah Damitri my boy, please come in.” Once Damitri took his seat Galewyn explained, “it appears the forces of the Fallen are seeking a whitelighter.” Damitri raised an eyebrow. “There have been no whitelighters in over a hundred years!” Damitri hadn’t noticed that another of the cult’s guards had a crossbow and was struggling to blink away the bright light as he tried to place Damitri squarely in his sights. Just as he was about to let loose his bolt a firm hand grabbed and dragged him into the shadows. “Not today,” a voice close at his ear said coldly, “he is not yours to take”. “That is not entirely accurate.” Galewyn admitted. The cultist’s eyes bulged as the speaker bit deep into his neck; his scream of anguish fell unheard into the very shadows he was drawn into. “WHAT?” Damitri shot to his feet, “you said you would tell me when they returned.” As the light faded the remaining cultists, with the cult master’s hold on them fading, scurried away to their farms and homesteads. Damitri watched them leave and was comforted that PAGE 124 Damitri was taken aback “What do you mean ‘not entirely accurate?’” “I mean that there have not been any whitelighters until recently.” “And THAT is just what I am doing now, so sit down. Now before you interrupt again, let me answer the inevitable.” Galewyn let out a sigh and passed Damitri a scroll from his desk: “Yes she has, no she’s doesn’t and yes you may.” Galewyn smiled at the shock on Damitri’s face as the questions swimming inside his