Far Horizons: Tales of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror. Issue #13 April 2015 - Page 123

Good day to you my readers. with blouses. For men, its trousers all the way. If you have picked up this book, its most likely because you wish to visit a place where broom usage is strictly prohibited. A sad element in our day and age, but none the less most temporals don’t understand or even believe in witches anymore, so we must be careful. Before you decide against it, remember the reason for your trip. Are you prepared to take on this task of blending in? If not, perhaps it is best to stay at home. Visits to the Temporal world aren’t for everyone. Now, onto the explanation of what to expect out there, and of the difficulties in walking from place to place. To start, you’ll wish to make sure you’ve the proper foot wear for such an endeavour. I would recommend visiting a local shoe store and trying on various types of ‘sneakers’. These are the best choice, as walking that much will no doubt leave your feet hurting by the end of the day, perhaps even the first hour. Be sure to take plenty of breaks. I implore you to make sure you have water in a bottle. These can be bought at a local shop as well. You are free to use a potion bottle, but first make sure it is fully cleaned out and the labels aren’t too distracting. Don’t want the Temporals to have a fit when they see you drinking from an old ‘Babies blood’ bottle. Now, we’ve covered the shoes and the water. You’ll also want to consider your clothing. This may get a little tricky, and finding a way to order in, may be in order. Temporal Outings is a good place to search for how to get clothes. Woman tend to wear pants or skirts PAGE 122 I’ve saved this for last, because it’s the worst part in all this. You will feel a good deal of pain. I can hear you all claiming to have walked often about your homes, which is all well and good. But I am telling you, the walking they do daily far outweighs what we do. This is why they’ve invented vehicles of all shapes and sizes, to avoid the walking. If you feel secure in your use of their money and phrases, feel free to call for a cab or take a bus*. Otherwise, I would suggest taking time to walk to the nearest witch’s house and get used to the pain. By now, I hope you better understand what you will need to walk from place to place. Go forth and see what has changed in the world around you. See how the Temporals have taken magic and turned it into science. *Pamphlets about Temporals’ many vehicles and how to use them can be ordered. Contact your guide.