Far Horizons: Tales of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror. Issue #13 April 2015 - Page 113

Diary excerpts (made in huge crooked letters, they take up one page each) Sand is the most interesting thing in the world. Father says it tells children tales when everyone else is too busy. I love listening to sand tales in the evening. I like father’s tales better but he is very-very busy. # I do not remember my mommy at all. Father is very sad when he talks about her. He always calls her that: ‘your mommy’. I always think of something warm and bright like a sun ray. My mommy. # There is also my nanny. Father does not like it when there are a lot of people in our rooms. That is what he calls them: ‘our rooms’ and then frowns. He becomes angry. But usually he is very kind. # Nanny does not let me go outside, she says ‘not allowed’. Father sometimes talks to her very quietly and his every word sounds separate. He never talks to me like that. I do not want him to talk to me like that; it is a little scary. # PAGE 112 Father sometimes watches when I play with my dolls in his room. He is usually busy but I come and ‘distract’ him. This is what he says: ‘you distract me’ and laughs. It is good, I think - to distract. When father is just working he is too serious. # Father wants to make me dolls out of sand. He said so. Then he said it was impossible but he would. If he could. Father is clever, I am sure he can. They can tell me tales right in my room. But father is always very busy. # There is so much sand the whole world is made of it. I know ‘the whole world’ is a lot, father told me that. It is much more than our house. And it is full of sand. Father did not say that but I know. # Our house is very big. There are our rooms; I cannot leave them. And there are other different not-our rooms, they are called ‘quarters’. I cannot go there at all, there are strange men and women, they talk all the time. I asked father if they tell each other tales like the sand does but father said ‘no’ so I do not want to go there.