Far Horizons: Tales of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror. Issue #13 April 2015 - Page 111

wasn’t deep; but if Daniel was just a moment slower, it would have been a serious injury. Daniel held his blade higher, but Ivan didn’t come back at him just yet. Ivan raised a claw to his mouth and let a couple droplets of Daniel’s blood drip on his tongue. This act sickened Daniel. “Well now, that’s interesting,” Ivan said with the Devil’s smile. “Less talk, more action,” Daniel answered as he charged the dragon this time. The two warriors flew back into battle, swinging and ducking as they fought to kill each other. If there were any witnesses, it would look like two dancers doing a deadly dance with blades. In a way, that is just what it was. It seemed like Ivan was winning, but when he went in close for another strike, Daniel dropped to the floor and swung out with his right leg. He used Ivan’s momentum against him; Banowitz hit the floor like a ton of bricks. When he went to get up, Ivan had Daniel’s sword point at his throat. Ivan raised both hands, which blurred and turned back into human hands again. “You wouldn’t really slay your own father would you?” Daniel pushed the sword closer against his throat. “Do you know how many of you forked tongue devils have claimed to be my father?” Bonawitz actually laughed at this, until Daniel pushed on his sword again. Even upon facing death after all these years, this dragon wasn’t acting like the rest had. Usually it was a fight to the bitter end, but not with this one. Something was wrong; it was like he had an ace up his sleeve. The demon’s grin was enough for Daniel, time to end this. He moved his sword and kicked Bonawitz in the chest, throwing him on his back. Daniel raised his sword for a death swing when the office doors burst open with a blizzard behind it. What the hell? Daniel thought as he watched snow dance around the room, the office doors had icicles on them. Don’t get distracted, Daniel quickly reminded himself. He turned to deliver the last blow when his PAGE 110 body froze up on him; literally froze… “Took you long enough, Hon,” Ivan said as he got to his feet. “You know women, Love,” a female voice spoke within the small blizzard at the door. “We need time to freshen up.” Daniel’s whole body was trapped in a giant block of ice. He could feel the cold like tiny needles biting into his skin. His teeth were rattling as his temperature continued to drop. The only thing he could move was his eyes and right now they were focused on Ivan who stood in front of him. Daniel was a sitting duck now; no, even worse… a frozen one. He kept one eye locked on the Russian dragon in front of him and moved the other one towards the new voice. From out of the whirlwind of snow walked the sexy receptionist he had met in the front office. That explains why she was puffing on that E-cig, Daniel pieced things together. The vapour wasn’t from it, she’s a frost dragon. The slayers thought the Ice dragons were all wiped out years ago… Looks like they missed one. “So I lied,” Bonawitz said with a grin. “I’m not your father, but I think I do know who your father is.” Daniel said nothing to this; he had heard this bullshit from every lizard he had ever come across. Frankly, Daniel really didn’t give a toss one way or the other who the hell his father was, because he already knew what his father was, another monster that needed to be put down. Besides, right now, Daniel had more important things to do, like keeping his body temperature up so he didn’t freeze to death. “I’m not sure how your Dad is going to feel when he finds out I killed his only son, bastard or not, I’m pretty sure you’re the only offspring he has, I’m pretty sure.” “He’ll understand,” the Ice Queen spoke up. “After all, it was in self-defense.” “I still have a few tricks up my sleeve,” Daniel said as he closed his eyes.