Far Horizons: Tales of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror. Issue #13 April 2015 - Page 110

to have the nut job removed, he had a busy day ahead of him and he couldn’t waste any more time on Mr. Crazy-Pants. “What is the meaning of this?!” Mr. Bonawitz thundered. At first Daniel didn’t answer, he just simply looked around at the gunslinger posters on the walls; tossing his pen around in his hand. This pissed Ivan off even more, no one ignored him, no one! Ivan’s face began to turn a dark red as his blood heated up. Finally, as if Ivan’s words had just found his ears, Daniel turned to look at the angry man behind the desk. “Just getting to the point,” Daniel said as he flipped his pen around in his hand. “Ever hear the old saying, ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’?” Ivan Bonawitz had enough of this nonsense; he pushed his chair back and stood up ready to drag this lunatic out himself. Daniel smiled and tossed his pen higher, this time it became engulfed in flames. Ivan watched in stunned silence as the once small pen turned into a massive sword. Daniel gripped his blade and took up a fighter stance; time to do business for real now. “My… My… ” Ivan said as he sat back down in his chair and put out his cigar in the ash tray. “If it isn’t a young slayer, I thought we killed all of you years ago.” “Seems you missed one,” Daniel said as he held firm. Ivan smiled at the once weak looking man. “So the stories are true?” “You know your kind don’t hide too well? Always in high places, always important people and the whole smoke thing is a dead giveaway.” Ivan’s grin became wider, making his face look like a crocodile. “Seems your kind has managed to bend in just fine.” “I’m a survivor.” Ivan folded his hands together on his desk and smiled that reptilian’s grin. Now that the cat was out of the bag, there was no need to hide anymore. This time when Bonawitz exhaled, thick black smoke rolled out, this always happened when dragons got mad or when they were about to attack, just as Daniel thought this Ivan made his move. With superhuman speed Ivan jumped up and flipped his large desk into the air. Papers, pens, ashtrays, and coffee went soaring through the room. Daniel stayed in form and swung his blade a single time. Ivan’s desk spit in half like it was kindling; Daniel’s blade had cut through it like it was butter. However this attack was only the decoy, right behind the desk came a fire ball. The flames engulfed Daniel and for a moment his figure was lost in the inferno. When the fire died off, Daniel was still standing in his fighting stance. He was unharmed, minus his Goodwill suit. Now he had a black workout shirt and shorts; they looked like Kevlar and obviously were fireproof. The last of the flames danced along the length of his sword. “As I live and breathe,” Ivan said. “Seems all the rumours are true… the bastard son, half human-half dragon, born of fire and flesh!” “Yeah, y V