Far Horizons: Tales of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror. Issue #13 April 2015 - Page 108

2:57 p.m. in the CEO office of Colt Tobacco, New York City. money. Every single person in this building respected and feared this man, and with good reason. Ivan Bonawitz was a no bullshit kind of guy; he would fire anyone at the drop of a dime. Nothing or no one got in the way of making money. “What?” Mr. Bonawitz asked in a frustrated tone as he pushed the flashing button on his business phone. “Sorry to bug you sir, but your three o’ clock apartAbout ten minutes later, Ivan’s speaker buzzed on ment is here,” Jenny, his secretary, said in a small and his desk. He hit the button and told his receptionist frightened voice. to bring the client in. A few minutes later, the huge double doors opened and in walked a beautiful blond “Is he important?” Bonawitz asked as he put down the woman, in a short skirt and a low cut top. Ivan smiled papers he was looking over. at the sight of her which she returned. Right behind the golden goddess was a tall nerdy looking man with “I don’t know sir, but he did keep calling to schedule a an arm load of folders. Ivan had to fight the urge to meeting until you finally booked him one.” laugh at the geek. “Fine…send him in, but tell him to make it fast or I’ll throw his ass out!” “Yes sir,” Jenny said as she quickly got off the phone. Ivan grabbed the half smoked cigar sitting in the ashtray on his desk, relit it and sucked in a deep breath of thick smoke. Ivan Bonawitz was the head of a major tobacco company; he was born in Germany but came to the U.S. as a man. He quickly climbed up the business ladder and became the kingpin he is today. This happened so quickly because Ivan had friends in high places (and low places if he needed them). Ivan was a large man who looked to be in his thirties, he was built like a pro-football player. He had pitch black hair without a trace of any silver or white and his eyes were a green-grey colour; they looked exactly like old “Thank you, Lisa,” Ivan said. The beautiful women nodded then turned to go back to her work. Both Ivan and the nerd watched her walk away; she was the type of woman who knew how to walk. The newcomer noticed this secretary wasn’t afraid of her boss; in fact, she seemed very friendly with him. I bet they’re lovers, he thought as he finally managed to move his eyes away from her ass. Lucky, bastard. He returned his attention back to the kingpin in front of him. “Mr….?” Ivan asked with a wave of his hand. “Chewning, Daniel Chewning.” “Fine enough. Now Mr. Chewning, what brings you to PAGE 107