Far Horizons: Tales of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror. Issue #13 April 2015 - Page 106

of a risk, I must kill her tonight. A pity, with such a brilliant girl I could have had wonderful conversations. He put the key on his apartment door, opened it and stepped in a swirling vortex of light; then he saw Hannah had outwitted him. You naughty girl! 9) Bianca Bianca was thrown out of the portal onto Elliot’s apartment floor. She looked around bewildered and stared at Hannah. “Who are you? Where’s Elliot?” Hannah smiled. “He’s gone… into the past where he sent you.” Bianca stood up. “Whoa! Thanks a lot! They would marry me to the most horrible of all creatures just because he had money!” “This machine is too dangerous to leave around!” Bianca shouted. Hannah held Bianca lightly on the shoulders and looked in her face. “Look, the collective unconscious... At certain times an invention is bound to be discovered by the most advanced minds of mankind. Now it’s this one. If you destroy it, someone else will invent it. And then we will have no way of controlling how the other machine will be used. Now only you and I know about it, we can decide what to do with it later.” “But…” Bianca still looked upset and resolved. “Please don’t destroy it? I want to study it more. Now I finally have the chance to use my mind, now in the future, where women may study and be scientists. I Hannah chuckled in complicity. “I know how you feel, always dreamt of this and could never reach it, but now… Please?” recently I was the one wearing those shoes…” She stood up and reached out to greet the other woman. Bianca sighed and nodded. “All right Hannah.” She “My name’s Hannah.” hugged the other woman. “I owe you a lot anyway. But now let’s leave this place, you come with me. You “This is unbelievable! You look almost like me!” can live with me for as long as you wish. I suppose you aren’t acquainted with anyone apart from Elliot “We are time twins.” Hannah said. “Not exactly the and me in the future yet, right?” same, but biologically we could be fraternal twins, only that we were separated by centuries. Elliot was “No.” vV