Far Horizons: Tales of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror. Issue #13 April 2015 - Page 104

Hannah looked around uncertain to what looked like a strange house. She walked some steps, but the man seemed intent on not allowing her to explore her surroundings. 3… well… whatever… this girl will need the intensive and complete brain workout. I’ll also buy some extra blocks for more advanced education. Perhaps with time I can even make her my research assistant.” “Please come with me at once.” He said. “Hannah, come here please.” He told the cute and wide eyed girl. “Sit on this chair and don’t be scared.” She seemed to have no choice, but to follow him. They left the place and entered a round white transport to what seemed to be his house. When they arrived he asked if she wanted something to eat and drink. She obliged him because she didn’t know when she would have the opportunity to eat again in this strange world. She had heard of people kidnapped by faeries, perhaps this is what had happened to her? I wonder if my luck has improved now over an unwanted marriage? Hannah thought. She wasn’t afraid of death, only of having a sad life. And she liked seeing new things. She looked around, pleased with the strangeness of everything around her. The only flaw in her faerie theory was that the man in front of her looked human despite his strange clothes. “Where am I?” She asked him finally. “You are in the future.” The man answered her. “What’s your name?” “Hannah.” Elliot repeated her name in a thoughtful manner. He seemed to have plans for her, of which she was afraid to find out. The emaciated man looked as if about to say something, but then seemed to think better and remained silent, observing her with his piercing brown eyes. 5) Learning Elliot looked at the girl in front of him and decided that it was impossible to leave her ignorant. Thankfully, he, as most people, had a learning machine in his house. The machine made learning fast and cheap and it had become as popular as a personal computer had been two centuries previously. I will need to spend some cash on her, but I am responsible for bringing her from the past. Let’s see, basic education, level 1, 2, At least the girl didn’t panic when he put the head electrodes on her. “It won’t hurt. Try to relax. Breathe deeply and close your eyes, all right?” “What are you doing to me?” Hannah asked. “I’m adapting you to our world.” Elliot said. “You won’t understand anything if you don’t go through this treatment. Now be quiet.” Hannah nodded affirmatively. “Great.” Elliot said. He punched the machine buttons. Hannah closed her eyes. She was thrown into a spiralling blue vortex of light, pathways unlocked in her brain and she felt so well, as if her mind was in ecstasy. That wonderful sensation was gone far too quickly when Elliot turned the machine off. She opened her eyes. “That was great, can we repeat it?” Elliot looked at the machine’s screen. Hell’s angels! The girl had an IQ of over 140! “We must stop for today, otherwise you will have a huge headache.” I must take care with this girl, I never expected her to be smarter than Bianca… But he knew that even tough Bianca wasn’t extremely intelligent she had been extremely creative. Small variations may occur on the genetic line up of fraternal twins leading to unexpected results… He had written that in his secret project report himself. “I have to leave now Hannah. Try to rest while I’m gone.” I must find a way to contain her, otherwise I’m doomed. I will need some drugs from the university lab for this. Hannah looked at him while he left. Elliot seemed scared, in any case she felt quite sure she couldn’t trust him. He behaved in a way that shouted ‘I’m doing something wrong’ and it smelled fishy. She had to PAGE 103