Far Horizons: Tales of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror. Issue #13 April 2015 - Page 102

The Exchange 1) Revenge Leticia Toraci Elliot still remembered how Bianca had cynically set him aside; to add insult to injury she had done it in a virtual way, through a hologram call. This was her pragmatic style, something that made men confused and attracted at the same time. Perhaps due to this, and to her beautiful blond hair and dark green mysterious eyes, her current family status was of one woman to three men. Even in the world of 2229 this was still uncommon. Her negative answer had been unsentimental: “I’m sorry Elliot, your request to join our family has been denied.” “Why?” He asked, downcast. “Try to see it from our side. Our family has enough men and a family with too many members of one sex is unbalanced. I am also overloaded with caring for the other members. You’ll be happier if you try another family.” “I don’t want another woman.” He said. She smiled in a weary way. “Joseph, Simon and Anton need my attention. We have enough problems for now. If one day we add new members, we will probably add a second woman, especially because I’m planning to have a child this year.” Elliot was shocked. “But… you aren’t even forty years old yet! Most women nowadays wait at least until they are fifty!” “I know. Many people have told me the same. But I’ve made up my mind already. I remember how my mother liked to be a younger mother, my grandma was only thirty eight when she got pregnant the first time.” “This is indeed a weird notion Bianca, but this is one of the reasons I fell in love with you, you are a free thinker. Are you sure your family couldn’t accept me?” “Unfortunately Elliot, our decision is final.” She said, shaking her head. “Why don’t you join Vilma’s family? I remember that they were very interested in having a man among them because they are also considering a collective baby.” Elliot felt annoyed at the suggestion. “They are only interested in a reproductive male partner, not in a real man.” Bianca sighed. “I understand. Well, I have to go now Elliot, have a nice day and good luck in finding a suitable family.” Her hologram disappeared. Elliot’s pride was stung. Perhaps she is overloaded. He swallowed his feelings of rejection and concen- PAGE 101