Far Horizons: Tales of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror. Issue #13 April 2015 - Page 10

“No fuckin’ way,” Silas said, taking several steps back. “You said she couldn’t transform.” Cliff scrambled at the door. With a snap, the chains gave way. “Shoot her you idiot.” Silas drew his weapon. Gunshots rang out from the run-down house. Silence. Screams. Silence once more. The noise woke a nearby homeless man under a bus shelter, who gave the building a dismissive glance before returning to sleep. In the minutes that followed, no one came to investigate the disturbance. Silas had chosen the house, for its discreet location, after all, and the neighbourhood’s bad reputation. A blood-soaked girl stumbled from the house into the rain. Rivers of crimson trickled from head to toe, where they mingled with the grass and mud. Trembling, she leaned against the building’s cheap stucco exterior, and looked down at her bullet-riddled body. One by one, lead slugs spat from closing wounds and tumbled to the earth with a thud. Shallow wheezing. Coughing. A gasp. The girl raised her head. Faced north. Glowered. Muscles flexed. A battery of footfalls as the girl raced into the black. Lightning arced across the sky, and the rain began to pour. Terrance’s love of stories goes back as far as he can remember. In elementary school, he devoured his lunch so he could rush off to play make-believe with his friends. In junior high, he discovered Magic: The Gathering. To him, each card held a tale, every game told a dozen stories and nearly every lunch and many an evening were whiled away playing. At 17, a friend introduced Terrance to pen and paper RPGs by taking him to watch a game of Vampire: The Masquerade. He had doubts about the game, but came at his friend’s behest. By the time the night was over, he was clamouring to create a character, and has never looked back since. Through pen and paper RPGs, Terrance explored countless worlds. He filled the role of player, experiencing and learning from the stories of others, and of storyteller, crafting stories for other players. Although having always enjoyed creating and consuming fiction of various mediums, RPGs were a turning point. They revealed to Terrance his passion for crafting stories to entertain both himself and others. This is where his path as a writer really began. At 22, Terrance began work with a friend designing an RPG fantasy world. The project, titled Kosinari, has since been placed on hold, but before being halted the two co-wrote over 90,000 words and play-tested over a dozen games. Since then Terrance has created dozens of home-brew RPG worlds, the most recent of which he’s decided to turn into a series of urban fantasy novels called the Angel Fall Chronicles. His inspiration for the series comes from a smattering of things, including The Dresden Files, American Gods, the Mercy Thompson series, Supernatural, Hellblazer and RPGs such as Scion and various World of Darkness games. Terrance is an unpublished author. He’s currently writing the first novel in the Angel Fall series, titled Cold Fusion. The book’s female protagonist is a werewolf-human hybrid, called a wolf-born, and it is essentially an unconventional ghost story. Find out more about Terrance and his stories at the following places: Angel Fall Chronicles WordPress https://angelfallchronicles.wordpress.com/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Terrance-Colligan/717267108357400 PAGE 10