Fanwood Life Magazine Fanwood Life Magazine - Fall 2018 - Page 19

PBIS at Fanwood Positive Behavior Interventions Support (PBIS) is a research-based, school-wide approach to teaching positive behavior to all students. New York School for the Deaf has established a PBIS team that includes, administrators, psychologists, teachers, TA's and other school staff members. New York School for the Deaf implements a tiered system to increase positive school behaviors. This tier system provides a framework that allows for acknowledgment of students who follow the rules and display appropriate behaviors. Equally as important, the system has built-in support for students who have difficulty demonstrating appropriate behaviors. School wide behavior expectations are taught to students using the acronym TWIST. TWIST was chosen because it is related to tornadoes, which is the school mascot. T - Thoughtful W - Wise I - Independent S - Safe T - Together PBIS TWIST Store Every Friday, the elementary school celebrates students who have demonstrated TWIST behaviors during that week. Whether it’s improving their focus and concentration in class (Wise), cooperating with their friends (Together), or helping others (Thoughtful), we recognize students who are improving and being role models for others. TWIST students earns TWIST tickets, a certificate, and special lunch table privileges. Throughout the school year, all students (PreSchool through High School) earn school dollars (TWIST tickets) for demonstrating the school wide positive behavior expectations and following school rules. Each month, they have the opportunity to shop at Fanwood's PBIS Store that is stocked full of amazing items. Store items are generously donated by staff members, and consist of toys, gift cards, book bags, wallets, winter hats, gloves, and other much needed and wanted items. The opportunity to shop for these items, provide students with an incentive for continual positive behavior. It's a wonderful way to celebrate success...and the look on their faces when they "purchase" a well-deserved item is priceless. 19