Fanwood Life Magazine Fanwood Life Magazine - Fall 2018 - Page 18

Fanwood's Family Infant Program (FIP) Why are we the “Family” Infant Program? D ? w o n k id you Ours is an educational program for both children and their families.  We partner with parents to create a program for their child and provide them with information so they can make educated choices. We also teach parents techniques to help them accomplish goals for their child. At what age can children begin services in FIP? Children are eligible from birth, or from the time they are diagnosed with a hearing loss, until around the age of three (3).  The program addresses all domains of development: Cognition, Language, Social, Fine & Gross Motor, and Adaptive areas. Where do the FIP children receive our services? We offer individual educational sessions in children’s homes, at daycare sites, or at our school. Group Sessions are always on campus. We provide travel reimbursement or transportation for families coming to campus. We are exploring video conferencing options for families who live far away. What are the criteria for children to enter FIP? Children must have a documented hearing loss, be between birth and three years of age, and reside in New York State. State Ed sets the criteria and reviews each application for approval. What are the responsibilities of the teachers in FIP? FIP teachers create individual programs for children and their families.  They have an in-depth knowledge of early childhood development. Teachers conduct ongoing assessments and update goals for every child/family. They also collaborate with children’s additional service providers (speech therapists, audiologists, CI centers, and EI service coordinators). Do FIP teachers write lesson plans, IEP’s, or reports? FIP teachers write daily plans for Individual and Group Sessions.  They create Individual Family Service Plans (IFSP’s), which are similar to IEP’s, but contain goals and objectives for parents. They write State-required quarterly progress notes and often write additional reports for EI agencies or County administrators. What is Early Intervention (EI) and why is it important to FIP? Early Intervention (EI) is a Federal Program that provides services through the Department of Health to children (birth–three) with developmental delays or disabilities.  By law, all children diagnosed must be registered with EI. FIP connects with EI to offer our services as well. By “blending” services with EI, we are able to provide each child with the best possible program. Where do children go after they leave FIP? Children either move to Fanwood’s preschool or to other district programs. Children are entitled to attend preschool programs based on CPSE recommendations, but parents are not obligated to send them.  Why is the Family Infant Program important to Fanwood? The Family Infant Program is a direct link to our preschool.  By participating, parents get to know NYSD and see we are a wonderful source of support and knowledge. During their time in FIP, families and children can become part of the Fanwood community. NYSD FANWOOD 18