Fanwood Life Magazine Fanwood Life Magazine - Fall 2018 - Page 17

Center For Exploration and Creative Learning CECL The CECL opened less than a year ago, but it has already proven to be a valuable platform for student learning across all departments, content areas, and modes of expression. Throughout the year, the CECL promoted literacy through many different initiatives that inspired deeper learning and engaged students. As part of one integrated STEAM/literacy project, students created dioramas using our 3D printer and collectively printed over 100 objects!  Students also participated in the school- wide Hour of Reading. This led to an incredible 1258% increase in library circulation during the first few months The CECL also gave students the of 2018 alone!  chance to study energy through interdisciplinary, creative learning (through STEM, art, PE, and regular classroom activities) and to explore environmental sustainability through composting, hydroponics, gardening and even filmmaking.  The CECL was also home to two installations developed by the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee. In February, the Committee created a Black History Museum. Every one of Elementary classes utilized virtual reality equipment to “visit” multiple our students participated in this event, habitats and learn about the and it received highly favorable environment.  feedback from staff and students alike.  The Museum was then followed by the “Women’s ‘Herstory’ Gallery”, in March. These events demonstrated the potential for the CECL to promote diversity within our community and provide engagement with historical and current topics. The year concluded with a school-wide variety show, including performances of The Wizard of Oz and other musical and dance-based acts.  17