Fanwood Life Magazine Fanwood Life Magazine - Fall 2018 - Page 11

Congratulations, Retirees! CAROL RAPPORT-SOMMER Carol was the Director of Special Programs and Services here at Fanwood for the past six years and recently retired in July. However, this wasn't her first time at Fanwood. Many years before, Carol served as the Regional Associate with the NYS Education Department Office of Special Education Services, where she was the associate assigned to NYSD. In this role, she conducted comprehensive site reviews here. It wasn't until 2012 she decided to make Fanwood her permanent home. Carol brought a wealth of knowledge to Fanwood. She supervised the Speech, Audiologist and Special Services departments, and was responsible for overseeing the Admissions and Intake process for all students.  Additionally, she worked hard to develop and maintain positive relationships with our students’ many school districts. Carol is well known and appreciated for her dedication and commitment to her work. We feel fortunate to have been blessed with her knowledge and expertise.  GWEN ROCQUE Gwen has been a member of the NYSD Family for as long as Fanwood can remember.  She graduated in 1968, and became a Teaching Assistant in 1992. Gwen was involved in all aspects of Fanwood, always putting our students first; she constantly went above and beyond to ensure that our students had the best quality education possible.   Gwen volunteered her time for countless events throughout the years, including ESDAA Tournaments, Academic Bowl Tournaments, After School Programs…just to name a few. Gwen also provided many years of Bus Duty support, treating all our students to her smiling face everyday.  Not surprisingly, Gwen was chosen as Staff Member of the Year in 2011. Gwen will forever be a friend and a major part of the spirit of Fanwood.  ROSEMARIE "RO" ZANFARDINO Ro began her career at Fanwood in 1988 as a Teaching Assistant. She left Fanwood in 1990, but returned in 1995 as a Teaching Assistant once again. In 2011 she became a [XX\[[\\[K[HXYHBX\[ۈ]\K\HH[XX\[\\\ܛ\[][\BܘY\Y]\[YH\\K[HX[KH]Y[HZYB 0\X[]HY\XX\ܛH[\ۛY[\H\[Y[\]\Z[][ۈ܈[\[HX\و\Y[˰0 Lp